left handers in the Army

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by dawe16, May 2, 2010.

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  1. Im joining the Army soon, got my Selection on 2nd June.

    Im left handed and was wondering if i would struggle in basic training with the shooting? I never went to cadets or anything so never even touched a gun lol

    Cheers :)
  2. I am left handed, you'll adapt easily enough no sweat. Don't worry about it.
  3. Cool, cheers mate. Hope so :)

    You got any advice for Selection?
  4. I'm left handed and learnt on the SLR way back when, once SA80 came into service it was a bit weird having to relearn to shoot right handed but it wasn't to much of a drama. I still fire the pistol left handed though.

    Don't worry about it you'll be fine. :)
  5. "Left-hander"??!! Is that a euphamism for something unspeakable?
  6. I'm one of Gods own (left handed) and could shoot the bollocks of a gnat at fifty paces with my trusty BSA before I joined up, Now I can do it right handed so I doubt you will have a problem, enjoy.
  7. I'm left handed also and was told to practice shooting with an air rifle right handed just to get used to it. I'm sure the DS will have methods of making you capable with a rifle in your unfamiliar hand.

    In regards to selection hints maybe work on your reading skills and learning that questions on selection aren't best posted in the "Current Affairs, News and Analysis" section?!
  8. I was exactly the same. Just practice, practice and practice a bit more, and the skills and drills will be second nature.
  9. Thanks for the one's that gave me good advice :) not so worried now lol appreciated
  10. "Left handers" are not only free to serve in the British Army but are positively encouraged to be open about their "left handedness". You will also be free to attend civilian "left handed" events wearing your uniform if you so wish.

    I'm sure you will agree that our system seems much fairer than the US Army's current "don't ask don't tell" policy which demands that the left hander’s keep it to themselves.
  11. Speak to your bank as you can also get a left handed cheque book..
  12. Hope you get in mate,you wont ever regret it. In later life you,ll be so proud that you did this,even though training,exercises and tours will be hard,(you,ll find yourself wishing you were home,etc)....stick with it,mate...it,s worth it!

    You,ll meet some ass holes,but generally the blokes you meet will be the best this Country has to offer and you,ll stay mates forever.Don,t worry about being left handed,the Army has ways of dealing with that kind of thing...also,don,t try to be a gobby know it all or a useless knacker,just be the "Grey Man" and obey orders,pull with the team,etc....You,ll get a lot of respect from Your superious for that attitude.

    All the best and keep your head down, :soldier:
  13. If only it had been like that in my day, I was shunned and bullied eventually having to leave so my left handedness could be accepted by free thinking intellectuals who told me I was to embrace my "affliction" and sing from the highest towers. LEFT POWER.
  14. I think that most of us traditional right handers managed to master the art of the Left-Handed W-nk in our time, so firing a rifle right handed should be a breeze for a unorthodox left-hander. :D
  15. Personally, I use both anyway. :wink: