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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Ash968, May 16, 2008.

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  1. Hi, I'm joining the infantry soon and recently learned that the SA80 standard issue rifle can't be fired from the left shoulder. Being left handed myself and left eye domminant I assume this will pose a problem for me, particularly the left eye domminant part.

    I tried firing my air rifle at home from the right shoulder and found it rather difficult and had to force myself to close my left eye in order to aim down the sights properly.

    My question is that whilst the SA80 is right hand only, is it possible to fire any of the other weapons, such as GPMG and minimi, left handed?

    Also, does anyone know if the SA80 is likely to be replaced in the near future? I'm worried I'll have difficulty with the shooting aspects of training.

  2. Don't panic, you can learn to shoot from the right shoulder.

    It's either that or emigrate to a country that uses a rifle that can be fired left-handed.
  3. Use you air rifle with a 4 x scope and practice practice practice.

    GPMG (and by extension MINIMI) can be fired off the left shoulder but the controls and ergonomics don't lend themselves to it.

    Browning should be OK!
  4. Dont wory you not the first with this mong aliment. Use the search function there are many threads asking the same
  5. You'll soon be put right mate!
  6. You're obviously a sexual deviant... so make sure you join 3 Para Mortars.
  7. I would seriously recommend never firing a single pellet more from the air rifle from your left shoulder, and get daily trigger time with it. That should "cure" you.

    Otherwise, dig out the GCSE French books and go join the legion. At least the bugle can be modified for the wrong shoulder!
  8. lol, thanks for the advice. I can get used to firing from the right shoulder but I tend to look down the side of the gun as opposed to down the sights due to me being left eye domminant. But hopefully, when looking through the scope and closing the left eye I should be ok.

    It prob would have been better if I'd never touched any form of rifle before in my life as opposed to training myself to fire from the left shoulder, however I didn't know SA80 was right hand only til recently.