Left-handed son looking to join the Infantry in Sept 2008

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by GINGER-TAZ144, Feb 26, 2008.

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  1. Hi All

    Most probably a question that has come up before but I have not got the time to look through the website to get the answer (Sorry)

    My son has already begun to register for a career within the armed forces, he is looking to attend the foundation college at AFC Harrogate this September.

    He has spoken about the issues of him being left-handed with the guys within our local army careers office, they told him that he would have no choice but to learn to fire right-handed due to the equipment available.

    This puzzles me, I feel I have noticed on the TV news and other programs we have watched that British Forces soldiers are using left-handed weapons, or at least carry and using weapons due to being left-handed.

    Can anyone shed some light on this for me please, at this time my son is very concerened now, he has the fittness required due to being a member of a youth rugby club and a "pretty fit lad", he has the desire and determination to succeed and has chosen to train as a Combat Engineer, Reconasance.

    Any advice and guidance would be appreciated, my son is at this time worrying, as he now believes he would not stand a hope in hells chance to achieving a goal that he set for himself while at the age of ten years old.


  2. Im left handed, and have shot since i was 12. I'm not in yet but accept that i will have to learn to shoot right handed because (as ive found with semi-auto shoguns) the cartridge ejects directly in front of my face thus obscuring vision.

    Also id be very surpirised to hear of the army making left handed rifles, as a result, with all due respect im going to have to say WAH to you my friend.
  3. Doesn't make any difference what hand he writes with!

    I'm a southpaw, but never had a problem shooting right handed - and even if he had a left master eye (not necessarily related to writing hand) then it wouldn't be a problem for rifle shooting!

    Tell him not to worry!
  4. I'm left handed. Never been a problem.

    Has he ever fired a weapon before? If not, it wont be a drama as he doesnt have any muscle memory to 'forget'.
  5. ^ There's your answer. I'm LH and never had a problem, loads of blokes are. Some are sh!t shots no matter what hand they use.

    Tell him to chill, it's not a drama.
  6. Does he have ginger hair as well?
  7. I'm left handed and used to shoot with the SLR left handed but had absolutely no dramas when SA80 came into service, since he's probably never used a rifle then shooting right handed will be no problems.
  8. Some times they "flip" the images round on the news so it loks like they are firing left handed.
  9. I am also left handed and had absolutely no dramas shooting with my right.

    He will receive coaching and it will soon become second nature.

  10. I've gotta say the fcukin WAH! goes in your direction ........ My Freind :lol: :judge:
  11. Hey Guys

    Thanks for such a quick responce, I have let my son read all your replies and he seems pretty settled already, all your (well almost all) replies have been very helpful, GREATLY APPRECIATED.

    Hey thegimp, NO he does not have Ginger hair, I do and mate with 4 kids and 19yrs married the GINGER hair does not in any way, shape or form relate to any "GINGER GENDER" issues mate, LOL :D (just in case you were curious or should I say bi-curious, LOL :oops: :salut: (hope thats OK Admin)


  12. ....maybe wrong but wont the ejected cases hit you in the face if fired left handed, be a little hard to make weapon ready (cock it)
  13. The Pam does state that the Rifle L85 is able to be converted to allow for left handed firers - however i have never known it happen.

    I don't think it makes much difference firing left handed as both hands are occupied.
  14. "Combat Engineer, Reconasance." - Thats a new one isn't it? Never heard of Recon as a trade. [Although I'm myself just in the process of applying, but it sounds like quite an interesting possibility...]
  15. Ermmmm, have you dropped into the wrong thread?