Left Handed Shooters

Discussion in 'The Lamp and Sandbag II - The Tall Story Strikes B' started by gt2401, Nov 9, 2009.

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  1. Used to shoot with the SLR and it was designed for right handed soldiers. I adapted my way of shooting being a left hander so apart from actual shooting everything was upside down to an instructor and used to get pressups for it. That didnt bother me.

    I also used an SMG and used to get hot cases resting in the crook of my arm. No problem adapted to that. In my final months got issued with a new weapon for the time an ingram with a noise suppressor. Had to be careful when not using the reducer I didnt get my thumb in the working parts and once again hot shell cases resting in the crook of my arm.

    I loved that little weapon and was spoilt having it.

    Any other lefties out there with tales to tell.

  2. I used to shoot the SA80 left handed, I used to get the cocking handle smashing my nose all the time.....but I adapted my face for it :roll:
  3. I was alway's on the RHS on street patrols :wink:
  4. Yes. I once fired a catapult left handed. I also once threw a brick left handed and looked a right spacker.
  5. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    A lad in my old place actually tried that. Caught the cocking handle straight on his top lip / upper jaw bone. Face went up like a balloon.

    Mind you, he's now in jail for killing 5 people whilst drunk driving, so maybe this was just an early attempt at Darwinism.
  6. I was wondering for some years what I was doing wrong with my catapult..

    Suffered at the hands of a fire service instructor when as a recruit in the late 70's....... I did my knots left handed until I abseiled down the 100ft fire tower using my own knots. Then he left me alone.

    I looked at the SA80 after I'd left the army and decided the GPMG would have been my firearm of choice for me or the browning 9mm short I wouldnt have coped firing right handed. Rearranging my face seemed just too much to bear.
  7. Firing the SLR left-handed was a breeze, especially with the roostering-handle being on the left side anyway. There were a couple of us who fired left-handed, but the only thing we were told was that it might be a good idea to fire it now and again from the right shoulder for practice. I also remember some Jock regiment I was attached to (I think it was the KOSBs but it could have been the A&SH) actually practising changing from right to left and left to right on the ranges, to get used to both methods of firing. Although I've no idea if that was standard infantry practice or not.

    I've never understood why the SA80 was introduced without an option of changing from right to left-handed firing.

  8. Who gives a fcuk. I was too busy paying off my overdraft thanks to my left-handed chequebook supplied courtesy of the Co-op bank.
  9. No you were not. You are a liar.
  10. I fired the SLR left handed with no dramas. With the SA80 I adapted my drills and skills and with plenty of practice I was able to fire it right handed.

  11. Practice for firing around left-hand cover for right-handers. Remember being at Brecon in training being taught to shoot at night in an ambush, with the butt centre chest! Anyone else taught that, or was it sadistic permanent staff!! :wink: .
  12. Now that sounds painful! Especially if some smart-arrse has dialed your gas-collar down to zero while you weren't looking. :)

  13. Shame on you :twisted: I spent 2yrs PS,it was too keep your chest muscles fully functional :wink:
  14. Never had an issue firing SLR left-handed. Our Platoon Sgt used to make sure he had a left-hander in each section, as particularly when patrolling in file or single file, a left-hander is naturally covering the right flank and can be dropping rounds on the enemy while the right-handers are all turning round.

    In Iraq, I had a 9mm with ambidextrous safeties, and blagged a left-handed thigh-holster off the Yanks. Taught myself the drills left-handed and got quite good with it, but my unit RQ (at least tried to) give me a serious rifting for it. Apparently, the ambidextrous safeties are NOT so that the wep can be fired left-handed... :roll:
  15. Left handed SLR,what's your middle name or are you related to Ash