Left Handed Question

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Mennox, Apr 10, 2007.

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  1. Just a quick question if someone could answer me please? :D

    Does the Army/TA cater for left handed people? I remember going on a Tuesday night about 6 years ago (something came up before i could join) and with the PTI not in we were taking to the rifle range....and i found it pretty hard and arkward using the rifle right handed, plus my right eye is weaker then the left.
    Does they have left handed rifles? Whereas if they did it would feel alooot more comfortable

    Cheers :D
  2. are you mental or what?
  3. Do you have ginger hair too?
  4. Search the site. This has been covered God knows how many times.

    I am left handed, but have learned to shoot right handed. Get over it.
  5. The army feeds all its people, even the left handed, but the SA 80 family of weapons have to be fired from the right shoulder - I could tell you why, but it's a secret, and then I'd have to kill you.....
  6. haha just searching for my head since its just been bite off :D

    well ive pretty much trolled most of this TA forums and havent come across it yet...

    if it means i have to use my right hand then so be it :) jsut a general question coz i was curious

    but cheers for the replies anyhoo :D
  7. its always better right handed. shave your hands and paint your nails too. feels like someone else is doing it
  8. Don’t listen to that rabble.

    You don’t have to use your right hand, try shooting left handed and see which way you find most comfortable.

  9. Cheers appreciated mate

    Got my medical in 2-3 weeks so looking forward to signing up :D
  10. Closely followed by dental surgery!
  11. don't forget to ask for your left handed bayonet when you go on the ranges or your shooting will be off :boogie:
  12. I am left handed and they let me train that way - i still have no idea why i scream when i pull the trigger - i also get bad blemishes on my face and wear an eye patch!
  13. Talking of which never get yourself too close to the right hand side of an LSW gunner (infact don't get close to any other weapon) when setting up an ambush or you'll soon know about it.
  14. random, but true
  15. I am left handed and shoot left handed, if any one tells you any different then they are fools