Left-handed AR15/M16

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by stoatman, Nov 25, 2005.

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  1. These chaps are producing true left-handed AR15/M16 uppers and complete rifles, and they advertise themselves as "the wpn of choice for professionals fighing the war on terror and for police officers who depend on a reliable wpn"


    I wonder if any south-paws currently in the sandpit bought one of the uppers and put it on their issued lower? (yes, I am aware that regs probably prohibit it, and the obvious logistical issues, but these don't seem to stop everyone...)

    Now, if only the MoD had seen fit to buy 10% left-handed L85s instead of all those TVs and comfy chairs.....
  2. I had heard that there was ample evidence from the Annual Personal Weapons Tests that the south-paws shot just as well as the right handers with SA80.
  3. Seen a few Yank soldiers with left handed weapons, depending on the unit, they can be a bit more relaxed when it comes to customising their weapons
  4. THat's not the issue, though sounds like bo1locks to me - I'm sure some southpaws can shoot just as well, but I know of many who cannot. The issue is, as has been repeated again and again on here that there is nobody equipped with a weapon who can take a shot around the left-side of cover/building without exposing his whole body. All the other bullpups in NATO (FAMAS & AUG) can be altered to eject left except the L85. Now, you can't do this in a firefight, but with 1 in 10-odd people being left-handed, the chances are that there's going to be someone present who can do it.
  5. Don't forget some people are Right handed, but left eye dominant, which means to shoot accurately they need to fire left handed. That'd surely increase the number of lefties.
  6. I wonder how many people in the army are lefties, and I wonder how many righties are left-eye-dominant? I'd say both combined probably makes up for what; 5% of the armed forces? Less than 5%?

    Take however many lefties are in the forces, the vast majority of them can fire perfectly from the right shoulder.

    Therefore, the percentage of lefties who can't fire from their right to save their lives must be extremely low. Why spend millions to cater for a percentage of people that probably is below 2%?
  7. Becuase it's Handist discrimination!
  8. The right handed M16 can be fired left handed anyway, so I don't see the point of this modification to be honest.

    One for the SA80 would be useful though.

  9. I wonder how many people have died/been wounded because they had to expose more of their bodies to fire around the left side of cover due to the SA-80's design? This cost concern doesn't seem to have bothered the designers of the FAMAS or AUG - I say again, the SA-80 is the ONLY bullpup in NATO that cannot be modified for left-shoulder firing.

    In any case, around 20-35% (depending on who you ask) of all people are left-eye dominant, so I'd wager that they make up 20-35% of the armed forces as well.

    BigMac - yes, true, but apparently lefties still get the odd empty in the face (despite the case deflector) and the odd powder burn on their arm.
  10. Quite true, this is definately a big issue, when there are rounds incoming, you really want to be in as much cover as possible whilst stilll getting as many accurate rounds down as possible...it isnt rocket science!

    I am right handed but I always transition to shoot with my left on my M4 when either firing around the left of a vehicle or building, the casings come out pretty straight so no chance of them hitting you, unless i guess it hits something and bounces back but I haven't had that happen..yet
  11. Zero.

    Same as the amount of people killed due to the A1 version's reliability problem. Zero.

    There is the old chessnut about modifying bullpups to fire left handed. I hope you know both the FAMAS and the Steyr AUG are either-or weapons. Both can be modifed for either left or right handed people, however they cannot be switched on the fly, nor can they be reliabily and realistically adapted in the field.

    So buddy, your argument fell through.

    Funny how, even though the SA80 can't be fired from left shoulder and is a bit back/top heavy, you don't hear people complaining about its lethality or reliability?
  12. M_R Yes, I am aware that they cannot be changed on the fly, but at least they can be changed at all. IIRC the FAMAS can be adjusted in the field by the soldier, the AUG requires a different bolt head to be fitted by an armourer. Not exactly difficult, and would have cost 4/5 of feck all to incorporate the AUG method into the SA-80 at the design phase.

    And you don't here people complaining about the reliability of the SA80? What planet are you on? I have no experience with the A2, but the A1 was TERRIBLE! And there are plenty of complaints about the lethality of the 5.56mm NATO cartridge. So whose argument fell through???
  13. When HK were putting together prototypes for the L85A2 they produced a left handed Rifle and an open bolt LSW, obviously the MOD rejected these as there was no need for them/ they weren't much cop. Slate the MOD all you want but they really went to town on the A2, pulled out all the stops. The A2 is the dogs bollox - the final results from the trial say it all. The HK G36 was put through the same tests and started to melt and they M16 suffered fatal stoppages on the desert trial.

    HK are know using the technology from the A2 project on their latest weapons, the G36 bolt is from the A2 and the magazine used on the new US Rifle is also from the A2 so it shows how good it is.

    As for lefties, I'm left handed and I like the L85 as all the drills are done with the left hand minus flicking the safety off with your right fore finger.

    As for firing round the left side over cover, you've now got LMG gunners (refuse to call it the minimi as thats french) - 1 per 4 man fire team - which is more than the odd lefty in the section and if your lucky a light role GPMG gunner to hand. A Infantry platoon would even have a sniper at their disposal.
  14. Only from the spams who insist on using it in dinky little 14" barrelled M4 carbines, which substantially drops its range and lethality. The Brits with their 20" and 26" barrelled SA80s seem to have few problems in this regard. Mind you the LMG has a 14" barrel and the SA80 carbine must be around 10". Remind me again why we bought both of these?
  15. "Mind you the LMG has a 14" barrel and the SA80 carbine must be around 10". Remind me again why we bought both of these?"

    Because they were cheap?