Left handed A2 on Royal Marines Afghanistan

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by timpegasus, Feb 25, 2012.

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  1. Anyone else see the above and the A2 left handed jobby?
  2. I saw the prog but missed the left a2, as a left hander myself I'd be interested if you could tell me exactly (ie in minutes and seconds) where this occurred in the programme. Im currently writing a report for my SQMS on pacifically this issue.

    Many thanks
  3. It wasn't a left handed rifle.

    The film footage was reversed.
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  4. Is this a genuine one, or has the video been mirrored to give the impression the firer is aiming in a certain direction?
  5. That reminds me, I was watching Zena: warrior princess the other day and thought "I wonder if she's had her tits out on film?"...
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  6. What the hell does the Pacific and an SQMS have to do with this?
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  7. Watch the Spartacus mini series. You'll like what she gets up to.
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  8. How do you know?
  9. Really? Do go on....
  10. I played it back cpl times to make sure but certainly did nt look like it was nt normal footage. It was a guy think RE making ready stood up, I ll check again to see if uniform, badges give it away or not.
  11. Does anyone know where I can source 100 packets of Screech?
  12. There isn't a left handed variant... Never has been. Won't be until we Get the replace.
  13. ImageUploadedByARRSE1330185108.342119.jpg

    There's only one screech!!
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  14. Whatever you are thinking, dont, you depraved individual..... That stuff should be outlawed.
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  15. Well thats wot I thought until I saw one!