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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by montmorency, May 23, 2005.

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  1. As a 'handy' left handed shooter i was wondering why the army does not provide a weapon capable of being fired from your left shoulder (I believe that we are the only NATO country that doesn't have a left handed version??)

    Whilst i don't wish to detract from all the different 24hr. Rat Packs on offer to cater for dietry requirements and religions requirements and headress options are left handers viewed differently when it comes to Equal Ops? Is it an equal Ops issue?

    Its a serious question because if the proverbial hit the fan and someone was running towards trying to kill me i would want the best possible chance to kill him (or her) and that would be left handed.

    I understand that Gas Masks can be fitted with the canister either on the left or right - radio headsets might be a problem but otherwise - WHY DON'T WE HAVE A LEFT HANDED WEAPON???

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    Because you would dress to the right, and your trousers would look unsightly.
  3. In a word........ COST!!!!

    When I was in Bos, all the Malaysians had Steyers, unless they were left handed then they had a Colt Commando. Imagine logisitical back up required.
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    What unit are you in ?
  5. Though I am also left-handed I had no problems with rifles, pistols and machine guns except the old Uzi smg. But the new G36 rifle - or the XM-8 - has some advantages for left-handed squaddies because these rifles are fully ambidexter.
    I think its a good idea even for right-handed soldiers to practise shooting with the other hand.
  6. Don't worry. If the sh1t hits the fan and someone ends up running towards you trying to kill you, somebody more interesting will shoot him for you. :roll:
  7. I remember my mate trying to fire from the Left shoulder, after the IW replaced SLR....Nice bit of cocking handle rash. He didn't do it again. Oh hes' now the RSM of 1*** A nice bit of banter at Dinner nights....
  8. I havbe known in the past a guy oth no right eye be issued a M16 to go on ops with.

  9. FBW

    FBW Old-Salt

    They used to do a left handed rifle when it first came out but they stopped it due to cost etc...
  10. Best solution - assuming a non-ambidextrous wpn - is to have reversable working part a la the froggie FAMAS which can be quickly re-assembled left handed.

    Much prefer an ambidextrous weapon though - strong memories of going through NITAT in early '80s and getting twatted off the team commander for not switching shoulders to look round cover etc etc.
  11. 307

    307 War Hero

    Who cares, learn to shoot right bloody handed, plenty do.
  12. its worth caring because if you can shoulder the wpn left handed then you can look round cover without exposing your entire body to the direction of enemy threat.

    plus a guy with a wound to the right eye/arm/shoulder whatever can continue to fight with a reasonable chance of hitting what he's aiming at.
  13. Which war comic did you get that from ?
  14. 'which war comic'?

    Commando July 2003. :) plus what seems to me to be a common-sense observation ?