Left hand and right hand?

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by MilitaryHumour, May 24, 2002.

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  1. This story was recounted by a Lieutenant who knew the participants well.

    In the early 70's, an undercover Military Intelligence squad was patrolling a notorious Belfast area in plainclothes. After the perilous evening, they emerged onto a York street and stopped for petrol and a few smokes. One of the soldiers asked the attendant if there was a pay phone, and the attendant pointed to the rear of the store.

    As the soldier turned towards the phone, the attendant caught the flash of a concealed weapon. Alarmed and fearing a terrorist hold-up, he vanished into the back room, where he phoned the local police station 100 yards up the street. But instead of phoning the front desk, which would have known of a military patrol in the area, he phoned a pal in the CID.

    The CID was excited by the thought of a good action going down, and they also failed to consult with the local police. They drove out, mob handed, to rescue their friend from terrorists.

    The soldiers were just preparing to leave the petrol station when a car screamed to a halt across the street and disgorged six plainclothes policemen brandishing an assortment of weapons. Believing they were under attacked by terrorists, the soldiers drew their own weapons, dove behind their vehicle, and opened fire. The police returned fire in earnest. For good measure, an off-duty officer around the corner drew his weapon and fired four shots in the air.

    The exchange lasted many minutes before a lone voice sounded, "Stop! Police."
    Another voice shouted back, "Cease Fire! Army."

    Over 100 rounds were fired across the busy intersection during the exchange. Not a single person was hurt, and the story was kept from the media to protect the identities of the "intelligence" officers involved.

  2. Moral of the story:
    Int Corps should either stay behind their desks or just check how high your perimeter fence is.
  3. Early 70's 2 x Royal Marine foot patrols in the New Lodge,at night, both report seeing armed men, ops room order to engage, two patrols have a merry gun battle for several minutes, finally penny drops, yes they're shooting at each other, unfortunately a couple of Marines were killed and wounded, and what's the morale of that then Theatre :evil: man, you saddo?
  4. Wow, A Lieutenant !! ? will that be Royal Navy, Royal Marines or Army?

    I dont know what part of Theatreland you come from theatreman, but some military intelligence units such as those that would cover an area like York Road, have had littie to do with the Intelligence Corps per se.

    "Going into a shop to use a phone" does not strike a bell in any SOPs I have ever read, and I would love to meet the CQMS who in the early 70's issued 4 people with enough rounds to sustain this small firefight you report.

    Reliability can not be guaged, Accuracy can not be judged.

    Theatreman: must try harder - move to straight to square F6.

    Remember that before the Film Review Unit was even a twinkle in your eye, lone MIO's and FINCOs were doing there stuff in Kenya, Malaysia, Aden, Confrontation and one or two other places beside. Fortunately there are still some 2 and 3 * customers today who value the product, as well as some hard pressed Toms.

    Every one of us has a story like Seamus's to tell. Of course incidents like that led to the creation of TCGs and G2X, so perhaps we have learned something from these formative years? A new thread would be counterproductive, but would certainly be informative for any CATC pre deployment training.
  5. Don't mistake Shamus for Shame_us, will ya?
  6. I think youll find the moral of that story is 'they were marines and not Int Corps'
  7. undercover MI squad?????? surely they'd stand out a bit!!
  9. aha, that old 'long hair and unshaven' chestnut, still prefered method employed by those 'fishers of men', spot em a mile away, good to see theyve moved on to the Northface puffer type jackets now though. :twisted: :twisted:
  10. T'man

    Very interesting - analysis of your entire posts, especially those posted on this part of the forum, gives the perceived thinking that either:

    a. You were rejected in the process and protocols for transfer
    b. Unsuccessful for E2 employment for SD units.
    c. Peripheral support REMF – although you `talk a good op`
    d. Appearing on an Annexe A (Personalities) sheet for being involved in either a `document police investigation` or an SI operation for medical misconduct `whilst on duty` at the Roundabout Club.

    Which one is it ?

    By the way seeing as you think you know enough about the `Slime` can you please indulge the rest of us and give an explanation of why it has the nickname `Slime` - and do not come back with the bolloxs about the beret colour because that isn’t true.

    How is the course going ? and yes we do know who and where you are !
  11. "..analysis of your entire posts, especially those posted on this part of the forum, gives the perceived thinking that.."

    Aw, c'mon...just let the guy tell his story....
  12. from going from the above id say you havent got a clue who i am, got me mixed up with someone else perhaps?. by the way wheres the roundabout club?
  13. TTR, Your MILES out mate :D Am happy to confirm that TM knows what he 'bumps his gums about' on this thread (most of the time :twisted: ) But then again who exactly are YOU to call into doubt his integrity :?: And yes I DO know his identity in real life :D
  14. TM................ Could I suggest that it may be quite possibly proximal to a ROUNDABOUT. Dont take this to heart I just feel this may be some sort of indicator :twisted: That said I may be wrong 8O Nah......surely not :!: :!:
  15. TT RSM

    I can also confirm that my bestest chums Theatrrman and Letterwiritngman are indeed both individuals in their own right. One of them is an officer I believe, and would certainly not stoop to the level of stating an untruth, by creating and maintaining a false identity.

    And before you start I can also confirm that putteewearingman and
    "ifyou weremeant tohavethemtheywouldbecalledissues,notstoresman" are both bona fide individuals in their own right!

    Just who are you anyway??