Left eye/Right eye Conundrum

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Pinky5, May 31, 2010.

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  1. Generally new here. Search is exhausted, figured I'd have a go at it and throw it out there...

    I'm currently in process of joining up. Been shooting a few rifles/glocks with some mates from time to time. I'm a left-handed, and from what I assume left-eye dominant shooter. I've been shooting right-handed with the rifles just as how I've been brought up/taught.

    Anyone serving now, a left-eye/left-hand dominate shooter and been trained by the forces to shoot right-handed and right eye? Anyone shooting right handed/left eye? I feel fine aiming with my right-eye, but obviously have not done with an SA80, or the like.

    Suggestions, experiences, tips? Want to know what the left-handed/left-eye dominates have figured out. Easier to shoot right hand/right eye, or right hand/left eye etc.?

  2. What's a glock?
  3. I think the correct answer was "wah"?
  4. I'm left hand-left eye dominant too & to be honest I had the exact same worry as you, albeit my worrys were 15 years ago.
    I never had a problem with shooting the SA-80, none at all.

    The injuries guys can suffer from firing it left-handed ensure you remember not to do it yourself! A good mate of mine fired his gat off the ground from his left shoulder. The end result was a broken cheekbone, loss of 4 teeth and it ripped the left corner of his mouth back 3 inches (He fired on AUTO).

    Seriously, you'll be fine.
  5. Is that a link?
  6. What's a link? :wink:
  8. 4 BIT Link?
  9. Who knew the Joker served in the British Army? Why so serious...?
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  11. Serious answer time;

    Pinky, I'm ambidextrous (here comes the slagging) but when we did the master eye test, since neither eye was dominant, I chose to shoot right-handed, simply because the SLR was designed to be used that way. I realise that the SA-80 can only be fired from the right shoulder, but I think you'll find that the Army has encountered this situation before, and has its ways of overcoming it.

    I shouldn't worry about it. :)
  12. Pinky,watch out for the belt fed Wombat.They can catch you out when fired from the left shoulder.
  13. I'd give my right arm to be ambidextrous
  14. WHAt a very poor effort!!!! Belt fed Glock indeed :oops: