Left Army - Still waiting for Mays salary


I was hoping someone on here may be able to give me a contact number or name of someone (pref high up) at JPAC who could help me get my final months salary. I left in May and for some unknown reason a years worth of LOA was taken off me resulting in me appearing over 3k in arrears.

I raised the query with JPAC on 16th June and since then have made endless phonecalls both to my last unit and to JPAC to try and get my money back but am still no nearer to a solution. I can't wait much longer and am at my wits end as to how I can get this money. Each time I ring, the staff are very unhelpful and malaise and don't seem to want to help. I keep getting promised someone will ring me back but they never do. I don't know where to go from here. Can anyone suggest what I can do to get back what is rightfully mine?

Thanks for reading.
Double check what you think you're owed.
Phone pay staff again - if sorted all well and good.
If not resolved - get their name rank and Admin officers name and rank, leave them a contact number for them to call you when they have resolved the problem.
Write letter to your MP explaining the situation, send a cc to admin office and wait for them to call back.
If no luck - fukc em - to the press!

Good luck.
Thanks for replying,

My last unit have been quite helpful in trying to get this sorted. Its the people at JPAC that are the problem. As I left a few months ago I am no longer on their admin system and they have been in contact with JPAC themselves on my behalf.

The MP suggestion I hadn't thought of though, so thanks for that


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