Left and Right confusion

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by commission_impossible, Nov 30, 2011.

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  1. New pair of issue boots today, started breaking them in at work and noticed that the left boot is wearing in in a different way from the right one. This has happened with every pair I've had and just assumed that I walk like a spastic. However, I've also noticed on every pair I've had that one seems to get shinier than the other when they're polished up.

    Anyone else notice this? Are the left and right boots made differently?

    Or am I just a bit autistic?
  2. Its your gait..mate.... as for polish use kiwi, meths and an old silver spoon.
  3. You could try bunging 'em on the wrong plates to even up the wear.. as for the spoon, you can't beat a bit of the old E.P.N.S.
  4. It's because you are a hunchback. Have you ever been to Notre Dame?
  5. Try wearing them without the calipers, but be careful you don't fall arse over head.
  6. A clear sign that you've had a stroke.

    Stop drooling and get yourself to the med centre.
  7. Clearly, as one is for the left and the other for the right. You are speshul and should be strapped back into the sunshine bus to lick the windows.