left and getting back in?

Right, I left my unit in Sept of last year and already have the itch to get back. I left under good terms, because i moved away from the area.

My question is, what is the maximum time you can be out without having to feck around with medicals, selection, basic etc etc.....i would just like to walk into a NEW unit and get my trade....

any ideas welcome

any abuse welcome

p.s. i am in the Lancashire/Preston area.....anyone part of any decent units in the area, i know of Infantry in Preston and Int in Chorley....i am very interested in the Int if there is anyone from the unit here!

kingburn_99 said:
any abuse welcome
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I think its 6 years, but that has probably changed or may vary unit to unit, if your rejoining as an infanteer CIC for you matey!

kingburn_99 said:
any abuse welcome
you still smell of pi55! :D
If you have your discharge papers u can get back straight without having to do phase one again unless its bean 3 years, or your old unit might still have you on there books, if you want to join infantry then its CIC for you.

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Cheers fellas.

I wont be going the Infanteer root, I was previously in the artillery and wouldnt mind getting on the guns, i think there is a Battery in Manchester somewhere.

I just cant be arsed ******* around with a medical and all that bollocks again. My unit said they would have me back no questions but its a 160 mile round trip....

Constructive abuse welcome, PI55 FLAPS....haha

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