Left about turn?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Bollock-chops, Jun 15, 2010.

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  1. Couldnt find anything having searched, where should this question be, and what are the answers? Hmm I didnt really ask a question did I? OK, who has been taught and done one?
  2. Its a guards thing isn't it? something about always facing towards any threats to Buck house?
  3. Again in English! Have you been drinking polish again?
  4. CC TA, just curious if it is only public duty units that get taught it. As JerryCan said, and as I was told a long time ago, the left about turn is so you are always facing a potential threat, a right about turn would have seeing the palace for nearly 270 degrees.
  5. I was told that you only do a left one when you're in front of the queen.
  6. I was taught the left about turn for ceremonial duties at buck house.

    It was about 25 years ago so I may be a bit rusty on the drills.

    The order was "As on sentry go, quick march"

    Come to attention, take one pace forward (To get clear of the sentry box), shoulder arms, left turn, seven paces forward, right about turn, fourteen paces forward, left about turn, seven paces forward, halt in front of the sentry box, right turn, order arms, one pace backwards, stand at ease.

    I couldn't give you a full and complete demonstration of the movement if I tried, but I can confirm that there is (or was ) such a thing as a left about turn.
  7. old_fat_and_hairy

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    It's a Masonic thing.
  8. I was taught it at AAC Arborfield. It is used on sentry duty so as not to turn your back to the direction you are guarding from.
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  10. Not been taught it but remember reading the instructions in the drill manual in the late '70s.

    The left about turn was the exact opposite of the norm, given on the other foot etc.
  11. That does not seem right. It can be used when in a pair of guards, one would be doing a normal about face while the other would be executing a left about. The idea was that both would be doing an about turn in unison, can't see how that could be done if it was on the other foot.

    IIRC it was done after halting and no order would be given (apart from when training for it) other than a start signal from the senior guard or whoever it is that intiated the "patrol".

    I think it was (as a pair) an outwards turn, march x paces, halt, about turn, march inwards. If there where sentry boxes the initial move would be a pace forwards.

    This was all a very long time ago, cica 1980, so my memory could be wrong.
  12. Did it lots of times long long ago doing double sentry and IIRC the first movement is same as normal, right foot into heel, then thigh paralell to the ground turning left etc etc and carry on marching.
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