Left 4 Dead

Just ordered it from Amazon, looks good :)


was disapointed that its got uber infected
was hoping more along the lines of romero or just 28days
not too keen on the mutants, but i'm a traditionalist i guess :D

probably give it a try though

edited to add: oh and lookout behind you!
played the demo and its brilliant! - its on my to-download list 8)

even though i prefer the traditional zombies (ala resident evil) the infected does actually work very well.
This game is awesome and probably one of the best multiplayer games I've ever owned. I'd recommend it to anybody and I wouldn't be put off by the lack of coverage it's getting in the shops. Valve have said it's already outsold the Orange Box & most of the reviews are 9-10/10.

It also doesn't need a beast of a system as I've got it running on my Aliminium Macbook at nearly high settings for everything.

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