Left 4 Dead 2

Hi there, after a bit of help to assist me in killing zombies.

I am a newbie to games and have just been posted overseas for 12 months so decided to get a game to help pass away the hours. I bought the UK version of Left 4 Dead 2 while I was in the UK recently as apparently the Australian version has been ‘tamed’ down in case people are shocked by a bit of blood and guts.

I loaded it with no probs but the few times I have played it and then quit and come back to it, I have had to go through the entire beginning again and do the zombie killing thing until I get to where I was.

The only other game that I have played was Doom 3 and that was a few years ago, but I do recall that with that game, one of the ‘F’ keys was pressed which saved where you were in the game and when I was inevitably killed I started again from where I had pressed the ‘F’ key, saving a lot of my time.

So, does anyone know if this quick save is an option on L4D2 and which key must be mashed by my stumpy little fingers?

There is no quick save. But playing multi-player means you can be revived and it is much more fun too.
Poke me if you want to play it sometime as I'm on quite a bit :D

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