Leeerrrrrrrrrrrroooooooooyyy !!!!!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by polar, Jun 10, 2005.

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  1. A web cult based on someone dying on a computer game (music remixes, t-shirts, etc)

    Leeroy Jenkins

    At least he has chicken
  2. Unfortunately staged, but bloody good - after the first so-and-so viewings, though, it gets a bit old....

    ....but the first time's bloody fantastic :D
  3. bet theirs a few who've done the same on exercises, charged (yelling 'follow me') into a position and then getting shot to pieces.
  4. Should have thrown some smoke first :lol:
  5. It must be me but WTF's Leeroy Jenkins? :?:

    The interview link show shite-all! :D
  6. I've got a (female) friend who's bloody addicted to that Warcraft online game thingie, she's turning into a complete geek. You even have to pay a monthly subscription.

  7. I know my Nephews are addicted to Runescape, what you have to do in it i have no idea, any one know?
    All i know is my brother is peed off with him spending all the time on the PC, rather than out doing stuff

    What are some of the more free internet games on the net?

    I have also heard of Kings of chaos but not sure if thats still running
  8. Heard of kings of chaos banned someone in the palace from playing it because when ever he played it the qrf we would get crashed out !
  9. A colleague of mine's son plays Runescape (obsessively). You just seem to wander around collecting things and fighting (a bit like real life). There's also a chat/ co-op play function so the kids like to meet their mates on it.

    Actually, it looks like one of the less sinister internet activities kids can get into. And it's free.