Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by OLDBIGHEAD, May 25, 2008.

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  1. Dirty,Dirty Leeds........never mind..(snigger) :D :twisted: :wink:
  2. Shame....snigger
  3. No idea how they failed to qualify - I mean come on, they're a massive club, after all. All they had to do was tip up apparently!

    Never mind, there's always next year (and the one after that, and the one after that....)
  4. They are in this position because of the cnut Bates.

    Feel (only slightly) for the fans, but I have no sympathy for the club.

    Well done Donkey Rovers.
  5. :D Yeah, couldnt have happened to a nicer bloke than Ken Bates as well...(cue more childish sniggering) :lol:
  6. Although I dislike Ken Bates cos he's an arrogant git I don't blame him for today's failure. The root cause of Leeds United's currently lowly status is Peter Ridsdale. He might have "lived the dream" but now Leeds fans everywhere are having to come to terms with the continued fallout from the Ridsdale era. That's why I was sooooo pleased to see Cardiff City loose to Pompey in the FA Cup final. Leeds United won 92 points this season which would have placed us second in the league and automatically promoted, the 15 point deduction crippled that but we came very close to getting to the Championship. I'm not going to bitch about the points deduction, perhaps Ken Bates shouldn't have either a we clearly didn't have a leg to stand on when it came to the appeal. Here's to another season and this time we'll be promoted (as champions too).
  7. I attepmted a back flip when i heard the news!
  8. Ha Ha Ha. Le club de Tosseurs! Hopefully, they'll go bust and their retarded fans will spontaneously combust. If my luck holds out, the sparks will blow south and torch Hillsborough and wherever the blunts play.
  9. Glad we wont be playing them,i want them to suffer in the lower leagues like we did!
  10. Forrest in the third tier was a crime, but a crime no more and let's hope they get back in the Premiership where they belong. Man City in the third tier was also a shocker and I'm glad they're back in the Premiership. Leeds Utd in the third tier... that's just fooking' ace! Very often a team slump the season after almost going up, the better players leave for the division they think they deserve to be playing and it becomes a relegation struggle. Just think, Leeds in the old 4th division! Couldn't happen to a nicer club and set of arseole fans!
  11. Your right it was a crime,commited by that twat David Platt!!!!
  12. The same old rubbish being trotted out by the Leeds fans. Let's blame Peter Ridsdale! The problem with that argument is that he didn't waste the club's money on champagne and hookers...he spent it on football players. Players that were good enough to get to a Champions League semi-final but when the going got tough, they fcuked off! How many times do you see players on £50,000 or £60,000 a week not trying? The Leeds players gave up and then deserted the ship when it starting sinking, to another club willing to pay their extortionate wages.

    The proof being: Man Utd are allegedly £700 million in debt but they aren't going into administration.

    The problems that Leeds are experiencing are all down to the players they have had who thought it above them to try too hard for the team that paid their wages. Exactly the same problem that will keep occuring as teams spend, beyond their means, to stay on the Premier League gravy train.
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  14. My Bolds. Why change the habits of the season. All we have heard this season from the mega 'ard Leeds fans is "boo bbo 15 points, boo hoo big club, boo hoo 30,000 fans a week.
    And the second boldgoes to show why they didin't get promoted you all think its you devine right to be in the Premeirship. Well it ain't matey If Cheltenham can beat you at fortress Elland then so can everyone else.