Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by goatbagthedruid, Mar 10, 2004.

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  1. Not heard much from Leeds UOTC on this forum - all London and Cambridge and other posh places. What about anyone from sunny Leeds / Bradford / Huddersfield, York and Hull?? Anyone out there??
  2. CUOTC is composed mainly of people from unposh places like Norwich and Anglia polytechnic.
    We object to being tarred with the same brush as those for whom their nose is their adam's apple.
  3. CAmbridge posh, its a hole, the colledges are the only posh thing about the place. Its full of washouts from east anglia...

    I HATE Cambridge!
  4. Isn't Cambridge where they send all the intellectual homosexuals?
    (Actually, I'm sure I've asked this before... :D )
  5. and yes. queers with specs and lisps.
  6. they arnt sent there, they are drawn by an almost magnetic force, to be with other boring academic, punting, boatie, egg chasing, flanel shirt wearing. "spoons"!

    but there are a few decent guys and girls about.
  7. Hello
    I too am Leeds UOTC -still. I am also in the Gun Troop - still.

    I also think CUOTC is full of strange people from the fens. So goatbag when did you join??
  8. And despite those two major setbacks you've still managed to make a computer work and post on here. :p

    I'm not from the fens, i'm just here part time. Am I strange?

    (standing by for abuse)
  9. operator what is your avatar about, looks like a picture of a worm trying to do an impression of a JUO squigle
  10. Is a piccy of "Ebola zaire" virus... most lethal virus in the world. Good fun stuff
  11. i could have it.

    Does it make you go for many a shovel recce
  12. Not quite that excited over it.. you seen film "outbreak" ... that virus is basically "E. Zaire"
  13. in my experience (and I do have a fair bit). These things have a tendency to make one go for many a shovel recce. Though I think the virus op is talking about eats you from the inside out or something equally pleasant.
  14. Indeed, if you got this virus you'd go for a shovel recce and expel your organs (which had been turned into a soupy mix). Nice really