Leeds United

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by polar, Sep 22, 2007.

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  1. Ok do you still all hate us. Been off site a few times, mainly to BBC 606 site and found most premiership team supporters want us back :D

    I'd like to laugh at Chelsea but I can't do it anymore, piping them to the premiership to the title in two years is a distant dream but both supporters would love it.

    p.s. Anyone know of a website taking bets on Leeds winning the championship next season?
  3. We are back, low premiership status very soon
  4. I hope you are right mate.

    Was good entertainment for me though, sat with broken fingers and (newly fixed) dislocated knuckles. :D
  5. I bet the population of Bournemouth is hoping that you and your disgusting fans get promoted.
  6. Its a very small minority and I don't think many of them are actually Leeds fans. Unfortunatley Leeds Utd attracts all the morons from Yorkshire, Geordieshire, London and the East Midlands because of previous events.
  7. Where is the slagging, yes we might be winning League 1 in 2008 and the Championship in 2009 - maybe not the premiership at first attempt.

    One the most outstanding comebacks ever needs some serious digs.
  8. Sorry Polar - hate bloody Leeds and glad they were demoted
  9. West Yorkshire
  10. You seem to have late winning goals down to a fine art at the moment - the sign of a championship winning team.
    Not this year though, as Carlisle Utd are on a roll! :)