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Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Jacques_Bustard, Apr 28, 2007.

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  1. I've just got home from Elland Road. Apart being relagated today (gutted) some of the fans were an absolute disgrace. Listening to Five Live, Ipswich fans travelling home from the game were ringing in with stories of being attacked by Leeds fans and having bottles thrown at them. I am ashamed of our so call "fans" who think that violence towards opposition supporters (including women) is part of the game. Its inexcusable but what I don't understand is why there were not more stewards on duty and why there was virtually no police presence in the ground. This was a make or break game for Leeds and therefore there should have been more stewards and police. It was obvious that trouble was brewing even before Ipswich scored, e.g. some idiots chanting "On the pitch, on the pitch, on the pitch" and two fans had already managed to break the very thin line of stewards to get on the pitch. The only small saving grace is the amount of stick those who invaded the pitch got from the Kop and the general reaction of fans around me was one of anger and dispair at these idiots. Some of the Ipswich fans said they had never previously felt scared at a game until today. I have (Cardiff City supporter threw a metal pipe narrowly missing my head some years ago) and its not pleasant. I just hope the idiots responsible are found and a) prosecuted if an offence has been committed and b) banned from every football ground in the country for life. Rant over and now its time to contemplate next season's fixtures against the likes of Port Vale and Gillingham. Clucking bell.
  2. Title almost wrapped up, the Scouse lose and you sheep have gone down again, QUALITY!

    Its been a f****** good day!
  3. I'm actually pleased Man U are on target for the title, anything to stop Chelsea getting it.

    I'd like to see Denis "not so" Wise and Ken "Master" Bates feck off back to London.
  4. Not being a totally heartless barsteward, I do have some sympathy with you.

    You still had more than enough quality to stay up the first time round in 2004 and that must really grate.

    Its very sad that the players, for whatever reason, didnt want to play for the shirt.

    As for Dennis Wise, who the feck thought that one up?

    Hard to believe Leeds were in a CL semi final not so long ago.
  5. A sad day. If we had showed the form of the last 7 games earlier in the season we would have pushing for promotion. Too many injuries, has beens and fossils and those that didn't want to play for the club when it mattered. Not helped by being managed by a psychotic dwarf with a brain the size of a walnut.

    We will be back !!

    Notwithstanding the despair it is quite a funny clip.
  6. Im a Charlton supporter and I know we are going down.

    However the one consolation is that we wont have to play Leeds next season.
    I know its a mindless minority etc...............But they also seem to be the majority who travel!

    In fact I think you should start with at least 6 points docked next season for todays debarcle.
  7. Totally agree..
  8. A bit heartless when compared to how lightly West Ham got off the hook this week? Fined £5.5m and the club were kissing the panel's feet in gratitude.
  9. oldbaldy

    oldbaldy LE Moderator Good Egg (charities)
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    Sent it on to a friend who is a Leeds fan.
    Wonder if he will speak to me again? :D
  10. I meant to put a :wink: at the end...
  11. Feel a little sorry for leeds, but being a big club doesnt ensure your status, they are doing a Man City at the mo but i think they will bounce back. West Ham were very lucky yesterday with the verdict but we have a real chance now to stay up ..beat bolton at home next sat and i think we will be ok....Come on the irons!!!!!!!!!!
  12. There is a big difference between the supporters of West Ham and Leeds, I for one want the Hammers to stay up, a good friend of mine, who very sadly passed away a couple of years ago, was a massive Hammers Fan and his absolute devotion to them kind of rubbed off on the rest of us Expats in Sarajevo at the time, even though admittedly he did used to take the Michael of my equal devotion to Plymouth Argyle, many a time we would all join in a resounding chorus of "I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles" as well as "You'll Never Walk Alone" if either West Ham or Liverpool were playing, especially as the Landlord was a Liverpool fan and his missus a Manure fan...

    I do think Leeds will be back sooner rather than later but I think it will take a couple of Seasons as it has done for Forest who are now looking very good for promotion being 1 point behind 2nd place.
  13. I hope West Ham stay up. I lived for a while in Bethnal Green (drinking holes were the Cricketers Arms on Old Ford Road and The Wellington on Cyprus St, the latter was run by an ex-para and was great for lock ins.) All the locals where Hammers mad, down the years the club have produced some quality players. They deserve to stay up.
  14. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    A great day for football to see Leeds down in the Third Division (sorry League 1. :D

    Have followed their lack of progress all season, and the most disappointing thing had been that it went to the penultimate game of the season to see them finally buried.

    Now they can March on Together to such exciting clubs as Walsall and Hartlepool. And won't it be a laugh if Swindon promote as well, and Wise ends up being beaten by his old club next season. :D