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This will probably get me battered on here but after the last few years i'm pretty used to it been a Leeds fan. :D

So any Leeds fans on here? 3 wins from 3 so far this season, looking good so far. Tranmere at home today looks good for another 3 points, but when you're on a winning streak you can always feel that 1st defeat lurking in the background but just cant see it today.
I was expecting it but im not ashamed of supporting my team unlike most of the fairweather supporters who seem to have got lost on their way to elland road.
Leeds and proud - 37 years since my first game!

We've had our ups and downs (as the song says), but am more hopeful about this season than any for a long time.

Not sure I'd even want to get back to the premiership - championship would do it for me, especially if premiership means we have to be foreign owned, foreign managed and have an squad full of those johnny foreigners too...

Our only problem is stringing together a full season of decent form. We always seem to have a dodgy third of a season at the worst time possible. If we can hang on to Beckford, hopefully we can go 1 better than the play offs.

I had the honour of being invited into the players lounge for many occasions during the 70s. Man U 5-1, Southampton 7-0, Notts Forest 6-1. Cant take that away from me
I had the honour of being invited into the players lounge for many occasions during the 70s. Man U 5-1, Southampton 7-0, Notts Forest 6-1. Cant take that away from me
Thats the key consistency, but over a ful season we always seem to have that problem, especially when we get injury's. We've got decent cover in defence and midfield but if becks or becchio gets injured then we're fcuked!!

Suppose we can only take each game as it comes and hope for another win today! MOT!
I was at Wembley for the play off final 2 seasons ago - awful performance. I then slept on the floor under a table in Baghdad last season just so I could watch us lose in the semi final stage - another weak showing. I don't really mind that we lost Delph as I think he was over-rated, I am reasonably pleased that we kept Beckford who will always score goals at this level but needs to sort his attitude out. I am delighted that we kept hold of Snodgrass and the new signings look pretty good so far. I really do think we will go up this time. Even if we don't, I still remember being at ER on the night we beat Milan in the Champions League with a last minute goal and it wasn't THAT long ago!!

MOT :clap:
Yeh i agree new signings look good, Crowe, Kisnorbo, Doyle all are good players. Snodgrass has been carrying a knock in all the games but has still been putting in decent performances. Beckford is a quality goalscorer, if he goes we need a replacement asap! i have a feeling he'll stay this season though.
3 points !!!! that'll do!!
And we managed to dispose of Watford too! A good start so far.

Maximum points so far, well pleased with that!! Becks in top form banging the goals in, even if he is a miserable tw@t.
marching on together, were going to see you win!
We are so proud we shout it aloud,
We love you Leeds, Leeds, Leeds!!!!!!!!!!!

Good to see i'm not the only one here!
Hopefully we'll get automatic promotion this year, i dont know if i can cope with the drama of the play offs for the 3rd year running.
Agreed that Beckford is a miserable tw_at but we need him to get us out of this lowly league. Fingers crossed that we don't lose him before the transfer window closes. I hope the Liverpool game makes it onto Sky.

Leeds have put a statement out this morning saying under no circumstances will Beckford be leaving this season. Thats good news as we do need him, if we lost him today and didnt bring in a proven goalscorer to replace him we would be in the sh1t.
Can't see that been a problem this season, you're already 5 points adrift with only 5 games played.

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