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Leeds United Signed Football -- H4H and Hols4Heroes

Fellow Arrsers,

I give you a signed Football from the Leeds 2005/06 season. Hairy_Fairy (thanks mate!) has identified the following signatures, but there are obviously loads more:

24 Rui Marques
23 Dan Harding
3 Stephen Crainey

The ££ will be split between H4H and Hols 4 Heroes. I have a load more sporting stuff for auction, including a Yorkshire Cricket Club bat, a Huddersfield Giants signed ball, shirts, etc etc.

Who'll start me off?

Cheers, Dave

Lechies -- Sunray Minor did bid £25 which was accepted, as nobody else wanted the ball for their "friends" or even for burning....

So it's Sunray Minor's unless you two wish to fight it out further --- it is for two good causes after all!

Over to you two!

Sunray Minor -- check your PM's!
This auction is now closed.

Faced with the threat by Lechies of a ceremonial "burning of the ball", Sunray-Minor has very kindly committed £30 to the causes.

Thanks guys -- very much appreciated.


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