Leeds United Relegated (and in administration)

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by polar, May 4, 2007.

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  1. Relegated Leeds in administration

    Bet they win 5-nil at weekend and Hull loose by 5.......
  2. Absolutely scandalous - - losing 10 points now is loosing feck-all - -and if all their debts are written off so they 'start again', what happens to all the guys they owe money to ??? Discraceful !!!! Don't start me on West Ham - - -
    I'll get me coat - - - -
  3. Couldn't happen to a nicer team, a nicer set of fans, a nicer manager or a nicer chairman.

    Fuck em.
  4. yes, ****-em indeed - - - - but they were getting relegated anyway.
  5. I remember the Leeds fans of the 70s. And they're not fond memories. The team were superb then, but I can't say I'm brimming over with sympathy.
  6. Yes the 70s, 30 odd years ago, there are plenty of much worse fans around at other clubs these days!
  7. jimmys_best_mate

    not a carpenter are you?

    hit the nail right on the head.

    Never liked them. best day of my life 73 Cup final :D
  8. It was a shewd move to go into administration now, losing the ten points when it doesn't matter.

    Appointing Dennis Wise wasn't quite so shrewd though.
  9. Thats nearly 40 years ago! Times have changed.

    I'm not sure going into administration was entirely honourable - especially as Ken Bates has taken over the club from Ken Bates at a knocked down price.

    If the slates been wipped clean, that means Leeds are a very big club in a very small league. Gaining promotion should not require a lot of funding (especially as most games are not local derbys anymore). Leeds short term strategy should be aiming at Premiership middle table mediocrity (3-5 years), followed by world domination.

    You all may hate Leeds, but getting back to where they belong is a certainty and not hard. West Yorkshire has the fan base/capacity to have at least 3 premiership clubs .... come on Garforth Town and Farsley Celtic
  10. I cant understand how he's allowed to buy back a club minus it's debts that he's been partly responable for. As for Leeds bouncing back time will tell but I think a few seasons in L1 will be on the cards they still have to find funds from somewere and Healy &co will not want to be playing in the lower leagues so I'd imagine a mass exdidus of players this summer. Funny as I drove by Elland road the big banner on the side of the stand sums LUFC up quite will......waste services.
    Bates is looking for investors and how many would be stupid to put funds into a club with no assests and with the farce of the past few years to be honest no one would be fcuking stupid enough to do so
  11. Healy is going to luton town he can get £10 a week more there
  12. I laughed at that early in the season

    I not sure its so stupid, if they buy back the ground soon they are looking at a packet. The city of Leeds is growing very quickly, its only one or two years before Elland Road is really really valuable
  13. Your right about the money getting pumped into Leeds but didn't they try and buy the ground back a few years ago only to get the knock back because the new owners had the foresight to see the investment that was going to be coming into Leeds?
  14. As a Scunny fan I dont like Leeds that much but you have to respect them for the things they have contributed to football over the years. I hate to see any team going down the drain but over the last few years it seems to be happening a lot ( Rotherham had 10 points deducted before a ball kicked last season) which as made them struggle all season and relegated. For this reason I dont think that a 10 point deduction is sensible or fair.
    I am a bit unsure of where the money that we pay SKY that is supposed to filter back in to football though, also lottery sports grants. Surely saving a club from going into administration by giving an interest free consolidation loans is far better for football than letting a club go under. Also the leeches who own the clubs who seem to walk away from clubs unscathed need to have assets seized from their mansions and millions and the fact Bates can buy back a club without certain debts is very unsavoury.

    Rant over

    ps do Leeds still own the £350,000 gold fish?
  15. Didnt the greek goverment wipe out all football club debts a couple of years back because too many clubs were going broke? if so surely we could do something, my team luton were in the same boat a couple of years back and only just survived, instead of punishing the teams,fans and players the FA with the gov should step in and help the teams as well as the tv companies