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Have your laughs, doesn't alter the fact that Leeds are a premiership team this or next season. Hopefully next as we don't want a play off or 2nd place.
Merlin. What colour is the sky on your planet? Leeds (thanks to Mr Ridsdale) ARE NOT a Premiership team, and are a pale shadow of the team they were. I will agree that they have turned a corner though
chimera said:
Merlin745 said:
Leeds are a premiership team this or next season.
So they aren't one at the moment then??? Oh dear. What a shame.
If in doubt cast a stone elsewhere, instead of realizing how sh*t your own team is eh???

Could understand it if you were a scumchester fan or a Chelsea fan, you get filled in at Elland Road or something?!!

Pompey will know when you lot get promoted as they will be able to smell all the moth balls when you get your shirts back out, just in time to be an easy 3 points for them :p!!!
I have to go past Elland Road every day on the way to work, it gave the greatest satisfaction in the world when I heard they had gone down and knuckle dragging Leeds supporters practically started blubbering

for years all you could hear was "Leeds is a great young team..... this season is our season.... look at the potential...."

well boys after you got rid of O’Leary and then all the players jumped ship its never going to be your season

premiership material? Don’t make me laugh there barely First Division material and thankfully that’s where they will be staying for a log time

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