Leeds Castle Discussions.a foregone conclusion?

Well its the last night of the talks. theres a hod load of BBC coverage, Labour needs a boost in the public conciousness......whats the SP then on the following?

a) Blair saves the day in a DRAMATIC early morning agreement..........Yawn!!

b) Blair emphatically states that the deadline for talks has been extended until they are all bored to death of the talks and say yes to anything whilst having their collective fingers crossed behind their backs?

c) Blair finds enough spacing between the letters "******* O F F B R I T " to give Sinn Fein the opportunity to return to the table..after all it wasn't an emphatic "f*uckoffBrits"

d) Blair says "Great Scott..you have ALL failed to comply with the terms of the GF agreement as it was sold to the public and as such it has been suspended and all your murdering comrades are now to report back to the nick!!
Yes but Paisley isn't Trimble....Though Big Ian is looking very old and tired now.
Oh ta see Big Ian mated with Gerry, and Robinson slipping Macshite heed a crippler.
Scum pure F-ing scum all four of the barstwards.
Maybe they should ship the Palestinian refugees to Ulster. They'd feel right at home, apart from the weather. Big Ian v Yasser Teatowel-heid. Now that's one I'd pay money to see. :lol:
Word is the DUP were playing hard to get and the deal will come soon (hope so). I think it's Paisley's last hurrah (he looks cancerous).
Paisley was a character. It's Robinson we should beware of. The man's got lifeless eyes..........or maybe it's just that he was once a pay clerk.

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