Lee Rigby Killer on Deaths Door

There is a need for a special regime prison system on the lines of Supermax in the USA. With underground cells and solitary confinement for terrorist scum like this pair, and the recent terrorists sent down.

The prison regime should be of a nature that the inmates will rue the day their parents conceived them and wished they had been aborted before birth.
Ah, but that would conflict with their yoooman rights and we'd stop being superior to them....


You mean correctly played bagpipes?
Well there is that, but no, it was at a company sports club open day and the committee had booked a haggis band. Right behind where our archery club was doing it's bit they decided to tune up their pipes or some such. Not actually playing anything, just making a damn awful noise, talk about strangling a cat. It happened back in the 1970's and I remember it like yesterday! It was tempting to put a few arrows through the bags so they were no longer air tight.
But--but--but, I thought he was one of the chosen whose godly person would protect and enhance his being if he was ever in difficulty. Long may he suffer and that suffering becomes worse with each passing day.

Ah yes, the Muslim heaven. Paging Anne Widdicombe. Paging Susan Boyle.


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Is he dead yet?
Has he asked for his mummy?
Hopefully in a lot of pain & got a tube up his arrse.
Long covid, strong cough and then back to prison to have the 5hit kicked out of him.
Oh well happy days.


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No-one has ever heard that, no such thing!


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I want his partner in crime also to be infected. Along with every other terrorist prisoner.

I still think paying the US government to 'look after' all our terrorist prisoners in the Super max prison system is well worth the cost's. I doubt they'd get the virus out there, being locked up in solitary for almost all the time with no contact with anyone. Plus life out there means life.
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They've already got Sheik Abu Hamza. I hear he isn't very happy there, and would love a nice cell in Belmarsh or Brixton.
Who, no hooks Hamza?. For it is he in Supermax!.
Yes, he has been in a Supermax for a few years now. No hooks, in case he self harms. Shit food. TV only plays educational and religious programmes. Think a gay trusty helps him dress, wash, eat, and wipes his arse for him.
Do they make halal nutraloaf?


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