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Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by cernunnos, Nov 9, 2011.

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  1. A German hunting mate has aquired a nitro proofed Lee Metford with the later fitted nitro round sights, the barrel is, no surprise for an MLM, pretty well shot out. He'd like to use it in German "Ordnanz" competition.

    Does anyone know of a supplier of, (preferably durable steel suitable for nitro ammo), Lee Metford spare barrels?
  2. Er..... no.

    There are hundreds of shot-out Long Lees around, and there are no barrels available at all - I haven't heard or seen of one in the past ten years. From time to time, I try and interest other RFDs in forming a consortium to have some made, but unfortunately the cost is prohibitive. I did come across one rifle that had been resleeved with Metford rifling paired with a MkVII chamber, but apparently it took the gunsmith six years to do the work and it cost more than buying a museum grade Metford in the first place.....

    Options are:

    (a) buy another Long Lee with a slightly better barrel;

    (b) Experiment with using over-size bullets. Nearly any worn-out barrel will still shoot accurately when mated with a bullet that fits. Quite a few LERA/HBSA shooters get Long Lees to shoot well by using oversize lead bullets with flat bases (to deal with the throat erosion).
  3. That's just about what I told him, I was hoping some enterprising individual had recently set up a production line for them.

    I'll tell him to try the taliban, they used to have loads of them up the Khyber knocked up out of old concrete reinforcing rods!

    A local gunsmith offered to turn a barrel down for him but the expense is prohibitive and there's always some spotter on the range here who wants to check that you have 7 groove L/H rifling. The rifles for competition should all be original build standard.

    At least he can slap a mouthpiece in it and play it, he's a jagdhorn player.
  4. I was driving from Lak Sao to Vientiane a few days ago and spotted a hunter out with his dog. Interesting looking weapon slung across his chest - anyone know what it is?

  5. SKS?
  6. SKS

    Must be millions of them out in those parts.

  7. Yup SKS. We found shit loads of them in Bosnia and loads of ammo. They work well, not too heavy, rough as ****, primitive and noisy. The only stoppage I ever had was down to the ammo.
    One well struck round was apparently on it's NAAFI break.
  8. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Werent the Chinese called type 56?
  9. Thanks!
  10. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    There used to be an advert in Rifleman; a firm in Scotland, any rifling any barrel profile and for a while they advertised in the HBSA report, I'll see if I can find them.
  11. The first problem tends to be few companies offer .303 chambering.

    The price then starts to rocket because:

    1. Enfield barrels require special profiling (the knock's form on each model, the bayonet lugs on a No4 barrel, etc);

    2. The extractor slot, knocks form, sight base holes/slots have to be aligned with the precise start of the screw thread. A tiny error here means the barrel cannot be torqued up. The only work-around is to create a set of breeching washers in size increments - same as for the 7.62mm Enfields. This means that the original barrel dimensions have to be re-designed;

    3. The rearsight mounting holes on all pre-No4 models have to be presicion drilled and, where appropriate, tapped with (unavailable!) unique enfield threads.

    4. Etc...

    I understand that the Walthar Lothar barrels for the No4 are about £350, and that is for the basic profile without any of the above.
  12. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    makes you understand why its easier to rebarrel with SMLE barrels (they do come up unused) or to hang on a wall and buy another newer one!
  13. Doesn't sound worth it, he can pick up a decent Ordnanz rifle for between €100 and €400 euros here. My No IV Mk 1t cost me just €229 and it's mint. A Rusky or a Finn Moisin Nagant does the trick very well for much less.
  14. "Werent the Chinese called type 56?"

    That was thier version of the AK47. You could get one over here in semi auto. It was used by M Ryan at Hungerford. Thanks for that you twat.
  15. ChiCom Type 56 Carbine = SKS w. cruciform bayonet
    ChiCom Type 56 Rifle = AK47 w. cruciform bayonet