Lee Enfield Stripper Clips ?

Are the stripper (charger ?) clips for Enfields interchangeable between SMLE and No4 rifles or are they different ?

Anyone know of a supplier where I could obtain some for either the SMLE or N04 ? (Henry Krank or Egay ?)

After reading the Enfield vs Mauser thread I feel like giving the mad minute a go with my BSA Smellie.... :p

Whilst I don't have a No4 yet, I do have a '54 Fazackerley at my RFD awaiting the correct slot on my ticket....



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There have been several types of charger, but, IIRC, they were all interchangeable - see the Lee Enfield Rifle Association http://www.lera.org.uk/page.php?7 for detail (but no pics, unfortunately),.

If you just want a handful, pm me with your address and I will stick some in the post.
I believe that they are interchangeable. They are usually fairly cheap and easy to obtain, but I've heard that the Italian charger clips are to be avoided.

You can buy them here: http://thegunner.net/khxc/index1.php?app=gbu0&ns=catshow&ref=LE_accs

but they are a tad expensive, try Ebay, Krank's or anywhere that sells WW2 militaria. Sometimes they can cost as little as 50p or so.

I'm going to look at an Enfield on Saturday, I've fancied one for ages, so I hope it's in good nick!

Thers a Gun Auction in Cardiff on sunday, normaly all kinds of enfield stuff about see the thread
They usually turn up cheap on ebay. Shouldn't be more than 50p or at most a quid each. I've got loads but I'm saving them for the glorious day! :)

Here are some:

More here:

They are generally about 50p each.

As mentioned, any of the old ones will do - you then need to smooth/open/oil them to get them slick enough for "Mad Minute" loading.

If looking on eBay, avoid those auctions where you see a square cardboard box full of chargers, or a bag of "new" ones. As mentioned above, there is a big batch of new condition Italian ones on the surplus market at the moment. Unfortunately, these appear to be made of heavy gauge metal and are then parkerised - they hold the rounds so tight that they strip brass off the cases and are impossible to load from unless you have bionic thumbs...


I have plenty ask me nicely!


Couldnt get any cheaper than a dozen mk 4s for £1.45 including postage eh Steven?
ugly said:
Couldnt get any cheaper than a dozen mk 4s for £1.45 including postage eh Steven?
Hi Ugly

The postie dropped them through the letterbox yesterday. :D
Thanks again for kindly sending them over to me.

Looking forward to trying them on the range... :D



Bloody hell thats good, I'd run a few rounds through them to smooth them out if I were you!
I was told that a good way of getting 'chargers' (I thought strippers was the American term) slicked up for use was by applying boot polish and brushing them up. Don't use them enough to know for certain but I'd hesitate about bending them.

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