Lee Enfield No3 Question

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Mighty_doh_nut, Feb 20, 2007.

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  1. Aquired a No3 over the weekend and on inspection of the barrell there is only one groove for the rifling. Ive seen an know about a few that only had two but never heard of this before.

    Anyone got an idea?
  2. How old? And is it a copy or the real deal?
  3. Will put some piccies up later.

    Doesn't appear to be a copy, certainly not an Indian or Welsh reconstruction. Woodwork appears mint and original was just a bit gobsmacked when I held it up to the light.

    Groups perfectly but not taken it further than 100, so could well make a card look like a mad womans sh1t. :D
  4. So are you bringing it to the ARRSE shoot to demonstrate your one groove prowess? :)
  5. Well, It sounds like the simplified version of the MkIII that was made during World War one to ease production. It could even be that it may be a none-UK version as the No.3 was the standard Lee-Enfield throughout the empire, even during World War two.

    It may well be the reason the aforementioned states did not adopt the No.4, maybe multiple rifling is too confusing for the colonials.
  6. Rifle No 3 or Rifle No1 Mk 3 (or III)?

    Not that I've ever heard of a single groove barrel for either, mind you. But I'm not an expert.
  7. its a No 3 mate
  8. It must be rare as rare anyway. Do you think it was an experimental one to see what the effects of one groove rifling were? They did a lot of research into simplifying manufacture.

    Ugly will turn up in a bit.
  9. Pwhoar! Bet she looks great, get those photos up pronto - hows the action?
  10. Hang on, is this a No. 3 in the sense of a P14? If it is it's not a Lee Enfield.
    I was thinking of the No1 mk V and VI
  11. Chaps apologies, I'm a tube....

    Its the No4 not the No3 with the single groove Rifling....

    Yep, I feel a tool!
  12. Any idea how old it is? A simplified production version from World War Two perhaps?
  13. In that case I'll bet it's from Long Branch. I have heard that some Canadian No.4s were made with only one groove, but never seen it.

    Can you post a photo where we can see the rifling?
  14. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    mdn it could be 2 groove savage rifling badly worn, nothing surprising there! Is the rifle stamped US property or have a S in a square? If the bolt removal groove is in the area of the bolt its one of the simplified for production models from savage made under lend lease! bring it along!