Lee Enfield No.4 Bayonets

I have just acquired a number of No.4 MK II Bayonets for the No.4 Rifle. Interestingly the Scabbards are also marked and have clearly been mixed up over the years. One scabbard is marked No. 4 MKI ^ JSP 1940.

Now I understood production of the rifle hadn't begun then so is this a very early No.4 scabbard?


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Skennerton says that production of the Rifle No4Mk1 started at Maltby in June 1941. However, trials batches had been produced ten years earlier, with the designation changing from No1MkVI to No4Mk1 in 1931. The introduction of a new bayonet was part of the deal, with accuracy trials with the bayonet fixed being carried out in 1932 and 1935, apparently - Skennerton is not very clear on this. If series production of the rifle started in 1941, a 1940 dated bayonet would presumably be an early production model.

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