Lee Clegg to 2 Para to Iraq

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jonwilly, Oct 23, 2005.

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  1. Get it down ya neck i say.....
  2. From the Telegraph:

    Wasn't there more to this? Unless there were a different two jocks jailed for shooting a lad.

    The journos should either leave it that they were done for murder or fully embellish the story. Not make it sound like they were just shooting people.
  3. At least from formal point of view all mentioned persons are fromer criminals, moreover sentenced for killing. Is there any country that allows former criminals to join its armed forces?
  4. French Foreign Legion?
  5. ''Sgt **** had been accused by Lt-Col G*y D****, his CO, of assaulting a soldier accused of bullying but the case was dismissed before it went to court martial. However, it emerged during a pre-trial hearing that Sgt C***g had secretly taped an interview between himself and Lt Col D****n. The taping is said to have caused resentment among officers and men and to have made Sgt C**g's position "untenable".
    Could it be someone was using an old age method of dealing with a bully and his pc C.O with an eye for future promotions did'nt like it,any comments from AFC Harrogate?
    Back with a Bn is the best place for him,at least get a'decent dining out' when finished.
  6. Yes, it is a good example. I read about Russians who served in FL. Almost all had a criminal past. I don't know about others but can extrapolate.
  7. What were the Russians doing in Florida? :D
  8. Quite right that he should be employed somewhere such that his talent may be fully exploited.
  9. Yours actively encouraged them to do so in WW 2. In fact, your people were quite insistent that they served.
  10. Haven't any idea. Ms.Sharapova for example learned to play tennis.
  11. I maybe wrong, but I think they are a little more choosy these days.
  12. Mmm, apparently they are.
  13. Clegg should stop living on his 'celebrity' which wasn't gained by anything to be proud of.

    If he gets deployed then so be it. The only difference between Basrah and Belfast is that he'll be actively encouraged to shoot the 'joy riders' in Basrah. In fact, it would be in his best interests to do so.
  14. The paper says he has only 5 years left to serve.

    If we assume he joined at the very ealiest age he could, shouldn't he have more time? I didn't know time in a civie nick would count.