Lee Clegg back to work

Good on him. I have a lot of time for the man.
I expect he never has any trouble flagging down an ambulance...


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Damn. I was hoping Cleggs Car Body Repair Shop had launched. He looks well on it, good luck to the lad.
Cuddles said:
I expect he never has any trouble flagging down an ambulance...
Well, they're not going to try to drive past him, are they? What wa the old joke: "Built by robots, driven by pikeys, stopped by 3 PARA"?
"Built by robots, driven by joyriders, stopped by A Company" was the slogan on the mock up car in the 3 PARA cookhouse (according to the tele proramme= I think it was A coy, it could ahve benn another one.

Good news was it got a joyrider OFF the streets.
Good on him!
Feck,Just after I started with NTL as an engineer in 99,myself & my crewmate had a install job up Poleglass.On walking into the living room the was a picture of Karen Riley on the living room wall! It was her fecking aunt's gaff!!!!
I don't see the point of splashing this (it's obviously an MoD press release); as OB says above, his status as a normal member of his bn has long been in the public domain. What will happen now is that there'll be a spate of hate from certain quarters in Belfast, with no good ending. 'Newshound' will have little else to say for a few days...
I used to have a Vauxhall Astra once and I often felt like riddling it with bullets!

In the version of events I have heard, it would seem that nearly everyone in the CofC above Clegg should have been in jail for the rather odd nature of the fatal shooting which was more like an ambush than a VCP.

Clegg was doing what he was told to, by senior soldiers, NCOs and Officers who should have known better.

Wasnt he on his first tour and just out of depot when this happened?
I actually met Sgt. Clegg when I was doing my basic in 2003.

Where I was training he was a PTI and was my instructor for a weeks Adventure Trg. I had no idea about his past until about a year or two later I saw him on the front page of some news rag - big shock!

He was a very keen Para and immensely fit. He made a week of hill walking enjoyable! I still have a photo of my section ontop of Simons Seat with him in it.

Good luck Cleggy! Well done

Reminds me of when in Belfast circa xmas 93 I was on advance party doing the handover from 2 Para in the Finghy (sp) area near Andy Town on a VCP.

Dead of night over the bridge comes a car, headlights blazing, screeches to a halt then suddenly reverses. We all cock and wait for it, next second the car comes tearing towards us with some spotty youth hanging out the window screaming

"Joyrider, joyrider don't shoot, don't shoot" with a look of panic on his face

He flies past, next second a RUC Tangy (sp) comes tear arsing over the bridge in pursuit to see a bunch of squaddies rolling about in tears of laughter

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