Led Zeppelin - Celebration Day on TV Sat 8 Dec

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by slipperman, Dec 5, 2012.

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  1. For any Zep fans out there who are not aware, BBC2 is showing Celebration Day, based on the one-off concert at the O2 in 2007. The programme is only an hour long, however, so it will not be the whole concert. Better than nothing, though!
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  2. I might give that a watch - last time I saw Led Zeppelin was at Earl's Court in 1975, just after the release of the Physical Graffiti album...

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  3. Always brings a smile to my face that clip. It was also nice to see Sid Little performing on lead guitar before he teamed up with fat Eddie and became a gash comedian!
  4. My recorder is set. I saw them in Dortmund a few weeks before John Bonham was found dead, I often wonder if the band would still be together and playing but we will never know. I have seen Jason Bonham playing drums for BCC, he is certainly a chip off the old block.
  5. Lucky git.... I would seriously sell one of my kidneys to see them.

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  6. I think there was more than one nod towards Zep in "This is Spinal Tap". There was the obvious one where Nigel Tufnel is playing a solo on his guitar with a violin.

    Spinal Tap "Nigel's Guitar Solo" - YouTube

    and the 1957 clip with the unbelievably condescending Huw Wheldon reminds me of this.

    All The Way Home - Spinal Tap 1984 - YouTube

    Anyway, nice to see Page has survived relatively undamaged from his dribbling wreck period of the 70s. Poor old Peter Green wasn't so lucky.
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  7. I am up for this, I saw them at Knebworth in '79
  8. Being a sprog I completely missed the opportunity to see them live in hay day. Have seen the tribute band Whole Lotta Led a couple of times.

    Recording this tonight, looks brilliant. Probably my favourite group and most definitely the one that most influenced me musically over the years.
  9. I have to admit, there's nothing more relaxing than tuning my guitar to DADGAD and playing Kashmir, love that tune, certainly my favourite by them.
  10. Almost agree with you. "In my Time of Dying" shades it for me and as I approach the end of my 6th decade it is becoming very appropriate! Page's slide guitar work on the track is immense and Bonham's drumming is out of this world. An absolutely stunning track, which, by all accounts is also one of the highlights of the O2 show.
  11. Ten Years Gone is a great tune to play, great maj7th cadence before the main riff. Epic.

    I was at the O2 gig, pretty close too. It was an incredible night that went by in a blink. Buy the blue-ray version, it's breathtaking.

    I saw it the day after going to the Stones gig a couple of weeks ago at the O2, couldn't have been more different. Stones were shoddy, past it and massively under-rehersed.....Zep were just so tight after the first song or two. Just chalk/cheese in terms of stature. It's tragic they didn't do more shows.

    Saw Page/Plant in the 90's too.....the version of Kashmir with the Moroccan players is epic.

    Got to meet Jimmy Page a couple of years ago. I've met a lot of powerful and famous people in my life by one means or another, and have never been star-struck.....not even once. Meeting Jimmy Page, I almost pissed myself.

    I can't tell you how good Jason Bonham was.......under so much pressure, playing the gig he's been practicing for literally all his life. Properly epic performance from the man, utmost credit to him. Truly a pivotal moment in his life.
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  12. Turned down tickets to Knobworth in 79, Punk was calling, still scratch my head about that.

    Caught up early/late 90s Page and Plant, Wembly Arena, great night.
  13. My go to Zep tune for the guitar is Hey Hey What Can I Do. It's a brilliant song to play on the acoustic at parties and stuff like that.

    It's nice to know that you have to re-tune so much for Kashmir as I've tried to figure it out by ear a couple of times and have never been able to manage it, mostly trying with power chords and then near breaking my fingers trying to make the pitch match the actual song.

    Nobody's Fault But Mine is always a good one too.

    I bought a Les Paul when I was a teenager and budding guitarist (a copy) because I thought it was the bees knees and Page played one. It did me well for years but I was never as fond of it as I am of my current squire (I am a poor man).