LED Lighting for decking

Discussion in 'DIY' started by Blade-Runner, Jul 19, 2013.

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  1. My summer project is building decking and I fancy putting some LED lights in. I did buy a set from B&Q.... However taking them out the box, they look pretty cheap (B&Q of course) and the LEDs are tiny which are fed by 0.5mm cable. So, does anyone know where I can get something a bit more substantial at a reasonable cost. (No smart answers such as anti-aircraft lights!).

  2. Bedazzled.
  3. Try toolstation
    LED Lights

    I put these into the plinth in the kitchen and they are very bright and you can add extra LEDs and extend the cables to reach the far parts of your decking.
    Decking lights
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  4. Thanks for that. Any chance of a pic to see what they look like when on?
  5. We did the garden mood lighting in a smart house with the same system as this (but much fewer, and smaller, units)
    Agbar Tower illuminated for the Christmas season | Demotix.com

    Controlled by bluetooth etc. Maybe a bit overboard, but pretty to look at - especially the "new years" display in years gone by
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  6. Hmm, my advise is don't bother. Neighbour has them and they look OK, but are useless. Uplighters are fine indoors where you have a ceiling, outdoors they project light up to sky with little back scatter to decking as illumination angle is too narrow.
  7. You can "wide angle" ones now I'm told - though I suspect the are GU10, MR11/16 fittings - a whole 60º
  8. Sorry it took so long, you've probably built it by now.

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  9. Install these badgers in the flooring instead......


    ......ideal for up the chuff shots!
  10. Will your decking have a handrail? If so, groove the underside of the rail and install LED 5050 Waterproof strip.

    Ebay Link

    Which will allow fixed colour(s) or changing displays of your choice. You would need a small box to accommodate the laptop-PSU-sized PSU with a small orrifi for the IR controller sensor

    eg(flicker is vid related not LEDs.)

  11. Bright-Light1.jpg

    Here you go.
  12. Screwfix
  13. Try glow.co.uk for all you twinkly in the dark needs. It's not cheap but they do some cool stuff.
  14. I put a B&Q set in the plinths of our kitchen about 7 years ago and they have been fine, no problem and look effective. I put some solar ones from B&Q on the decking about 5 years ago and they have been ok but do not hold a charge well in the winter months, summer they will still be on in the morning but winter they will be dead in an hour or 2. The solar ones were about £15 for a pack of 2 (so not cheap if you want a few) and they simply just screw down on top of the decking.
  15. Yea - but the strongest ones I can find emit the equivalent of only 40w. Don't LEDs come more powerful than that?