LED Lenser - Feedback Request

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by RVOps, Mar 23, 2010.

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  1. RVOps

    RVOps Sponsor

    We recently stopped stocking Surefire torches and started stocking the LED Lenser torches instead. This decision followed some negative feedback about battery corrosion in the Surefires.

    Everything we'd heard and seen about the LED Lensers was superb - in fact we viewed them as likely to become 'THE' military torch. However we've just had a less-than-great review of one of the Lensers and would be interested in feedback from people who've used them. Clearly if some of the lenser models have failings then we need to consider our advice and stock.

    LED Lenser P3


    (review = 3/5)
    Our collection of Lensers is here: http://www.rvops.co.uk/electronics-80/torches-42/
  2. I've got one of the P7s which I use as a gun light on rimfires, and I'd agree about the buttons. A rotary switch with a positive click would be better.

    Though having said that, the illumination is superb.
  3. I don't have one, but was very tempted. I have a Tesco 1W 2AA torch (recently made a bit wider than the original, which allows the batteries to be removed!) which also has a base push-button switch. For me, the switch is too big/too proud as it often switches itself on while in my pocket. The Lenser switch seems like a better option, though it will depend on how far back you bite your nails.
  4. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    If you're doing a trial I'll PM you my address so you know where to send the torch....... :twisted:
  5. Got to be honest, for compact hand torches Fenix are about as good as they come


    Iwas underground a whileback with a ladwho dropped a Fenix 120 feet onto rock. When he got down to the bottom he picked it up and switched it on. Worked fine.
    Neither the Lenser's or Surefire will stand that kind of abuse
  6. I use a police Lenser on my mountain bike and have to say, i'm very impressed. It's a bit heavy so I wouldn't reccomend it as an EDC torch. Brilliant as a search torch though.
  7. Just tried mine with a really thick pair of leather gloves - too thick to shoot with. Could still work the button OK.
  8. Having used both I can't see what there is to justify a Surefire being eighty quid more expensive than a LED lenser; the latter are very good torches and give out loads of light whilst taking standard batteries. I can see the point about the button, but I've never had any trouble with mine.

  9. This is true, but through being a problem solver rather than a moaner, I found that a regular brass drawing pin (flathead type) cut down with a pair of wire cutters, then stuck on top of the switch with gaffer tape over the top fixes the issue.

    Torch works good for me, like it a lot. Don't use it in a military manner but use it in a demanding environment where it gets dropped and bashed about a lot.

    Mind you, blacks do a 9-LED one for a fiver which is awesome!!
  10. RVOps

    RVOps Sponsor

    Thanks a lot for the feedback on this. What a bloody shame that there is this switch niggle and the need to modify with a drawing pin(!) because they do seem superb in all other ways.
  11. Cracking torches for the dosh

    I use 2 on my dive rig as they are bright enough for me to use as a primary with back up

    The P3 works well and is far better than my minimag ever was
  12. Much better value for money than a SureFire, surefire got by on their brand name (like maglite) for too long and fell behind in terms of technology. I flashed my P7 on one night in the snow and the reflection blinded me almost as much as the other guy.