LED gun mounted lights

LED gun mounted lights; are they any good and has anyone got direct experience of using one? If so, what one would you reccomend? I've used Clusons in the past and there seem to be any number of no-name lights on Ebay

I usually use a vehicle powered 12v rescue lamp on the Land Roverbut the fields that I go through have just been reseeded and I don't fancy lugging a car battery around. I'll be shooting rabbit and fox out to 150m


I used to use a cluson and would be interested in whats out there now!
My local hardware store does the LED Lenser L7 for less than £20. The box indicates a range of 225 metres, and a quick test confirms that it illuminates and freezes next door's cat at about 70m. Haven't tried in on a rifle yet...
I've got a couple of L7s. I was thinking more of how to get a red filter onto a L7 torch without resorting to using black nasty.

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