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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by andy2011, Nov 16, 2011.

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  1. Evening all,

    I was hoping that i could get some advice on the lecturette's as i have a rather specific question; i know they've to be 5 minutes long and that it could be on any 5 topics from my CV, so im trying to cover my bases and come up with some for all area's that could be asked (hobbies, work, sports, education, etc). I doubt that you'd be allowed to take pre-prepared one's in, but even if i managed to make a few bullet points with relevant anecdotes i could revise over in the morning i thought it may be helpful, what i was wondering is if anyone know's if you're allowed to swear? I know that the question may sound stupid, i wouldn't go casually swearing to put my point across, i only ask because i'm currently a special constable and im hoping that it is one of the 5 topics picked as i have a wealth of anecdotes that i could draw on to make an interesting and funny lecturette (compared to the rest of my CV which is rather boring), however, as you can imagine quite a few of the situations would usually involve some sort of foul language by the people involved, am i allowed to use that in direct speech, or is it a total no no? This is probably a bit premature since i haven't been for my briefing yet, but i like to be prepared.


  2. Best not to. It's the kind of thing that DS can get very funny and old-fashioned about if they choose to. Unofficerlike and all that. A bit childish, maybe, but you could get marked down for it. Be careful!

    Just cut out the expletive and use the story anyway if it still works without it. And good luck.

  3. thanks for the reply, i was guessing that would be the case but i thought i'd ask anyway!
  4. What I do in similar circumstances is to refer to it, something like this:

    So I said to him, "Please accompany me" etc. To which he replied "the f word off, you f word and f word, and you can f word and go and f word ".

    To which I replied, "I'll take that as a no then, sir and assume that without the f word, you are bereft of speech".
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  5. Possibly going back a long time, but the advice I was given when in the unfortunate position of standing-up and giving an impromptu speach was to avoid sex, religion, politics and profanity. Kind of narrows the field a bit.................
  6. First things first:
    Learn how to use the apostrophe and use I in the upper case.

    Once you've mastered that:
    Do not swear during your presentation, however funny it was at the time. It's not big and it's not clever.

    Good luck.

  7. Do not swear at the AOSB. It doesn't show you in the best light possible, which is what you are after. Just no need, pick a different topic. Don't ruin what might otherwise be a gleaming lecturette, it's not worth the risk.
  8. Advice I was given:

    1. Do not discuss anything military. Your audience will lnow infinitely more than you.

    2. Do not talk about "my first parachute jump". Too many people do this one.

    3. Do not talk about martial arts. They're boring.
  9. I wouldn't bother trying to prepare the content, anyone should be able to fill 5 mins easily with the stuff they put on their presentations.

    If you're concerned about the lecturette, practice public speaking a bit.
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  10. F-ing and Blinding are definate no-nos. If the story needs it replace the F-word with something more acceptable, if not remove it all together.

    Remember you only get 5 mins so don't prepare too much.
  11. I agree with the comments above - the danger of preparing any presentation is that it won't flow naturally. At the end of the day the DS are looking at your ability to brief a group of people on something you claim to know something about.

    Practice on your family, the dog or whatever will listen to you and get used to what 5 minutes feels like (it can be a very long time!).

    FFS don't swear. Not that it is un-officer like but swearing in a formal situation looks fake. In turn it will make you look like a spunk trumpet
  12. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Chill out, the blokes above are just posting nonsense to josh with you. :)
    The army is now very in tune with the rest of modern society, (dress codes apart,) and words such as '****' and 'shit' are not as taboo as they once were.

    Seriously, your audience will actually appreciate your story more if you tell it to them in the same manner as you would to your friends.
    Also, when you attend your interview with the CO, do remember to show him the gash shots on your iPhone of your current girlfriend and ask to see his in return.
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  13. What he said
  14. Just go with the flow. over prepared notes lead to reading parrot fashion. Bullet points and nothing more. If the occassion allows it then the odd 'F' and jeff won't score against you but try and avoid if poss, particulally if you're briefing junior ranks, people of your rank you may get away with it.

    Remember-no cuff too tough
  15. As a general rule, you should present yourself as if you're representing your profession, in the same way you'd present to high-profile clients or as an expert witness. Especially if you want to be taken seriously.