Lecturers bid to stop Army recruiters in Edinburgh college

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by pcar964, Apr 2, 2007.

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  1. :x

    LECTURERS have tried to have the Army banned from recruiting students at Edinburgh's Stevenson College.

    Members of Scotland's biggest teaching union have taken exception to the Ministry of Defence setting up recruitment stalls to talk to students, mostly aged between 16 and 18, about a career in the Armed Forces.

    Following a vote of around 50 union members at the college, they made a formal approach to Stevenson's management asking them to ban MoD recruitment drives from the campus.

    The college has turned down the request, but union members have vowed to carry on campaigning, taking their fight to a national level.

    Gordon Plews, secretary of the Stevenson's branch of the EIS, which has about 220 members, said: "We asked the college to suspend marketing of the Army inside its doors.

    "You have a lot of young, impressionable people in a college and we are asking whether this is the right environment for them to come in and recruit."

    He said both opposition to the war in Iraq and the increased risks to soldiers which that campaign had brought, as well as the one in Afghanistan, were factors behind the vote.

    "There are elements of both," Mr Plews said. "For some it's definitely about opposition to the war in Iraq. It's not about being anti-military or anti-Army.

    "It's more dangerous for soldiers since we entered Iraq."

    One of the teachers who backed the move, Donny Gluckstein, who teaches history at the college, claimed the Army were targeting low-income students with promises of free driving instruction and sports facilities.

    He said: "These recruits are no more than economic conscripts, and the army is playing on their poverty and deprivation."

    Stevenson lecturer Penny Gower, who is a member of the EIS further education national executive, is hoping the union will adopt the issue as a national campaign.

    She has arranged for the question to be put to a vote of the union's full council when it next meets in June, alongside a similar call for a ban on Army recruitment in schools.

    Susan Bird, principal of Stevenson College, said: "At Stevenson we run an active roster of careers fairs, volunteer fairs, and higher education fairs to present our students with opportunities that will help them plan for their lives after college.

    "We invite a wide range of organisations to these fairs, including the police, the Army, local businesses, banks and charities. We feel our students have the ability to make the best decisions for themselves when they are presented with a range of options.

    "In the past we have invited representatives of the Army to participate in these recruitment fairs, and we intend to maintain our relationship with the Army as it continues to provide career prospects, training and personal development opportunities."

    She added: "We recognise the sensitivity of direct recruitment, and will not allow any organisation to set up displays without first discussing the merits of such a display with the college."

    An MoD spokeswoman said: "The Armed Forces do not send any teams into schools unless at the request of the headteacher.

    "We don't go into schools and colleges to recruit people to send them to Iraq - if there's a career fair then we would go in.

    "Those who are not joining the Armed Forces because of Iraq, are equalled by the number who join up because of it.

    "They don't join up to sit in barracks all day, but to do interesting challenging jobs, and the majority are keen to deploy.

    "There's no secret what the Army is all about - it's explained at every level. We offer an exciting and rewarding career, operations and training overseas are a part of that."

    Edinburgh Evening News
  2. The College are quite right in not acceding to this demand, and in continuing to allow the Army to offer careers advice in the College. Its very reason for existence is to put youngsters in jobs, and I hope they don't back down.
  3. Typical lefto-pinko drivel! I take it they would rather have the communist party around recruiting :x

    I am in Edinburgh in a couple of days i might pop down and try some recruiting of my own. :salut:
  4. i just think they are a bunch of lefty tree hugging fcuks who smell of shat
  5. Don't sit on the fence! Tell us what you really think :D
  6. But of course they forget all about the "young, impressionable young people" when they are marching to support the age of consent for homosexuals to be reduced from 21 to 16, so some 50 year old bender can sodomise young boys until his cock falls off.
  7. Bunch of tree hugging, dope smokin, Bob Dylan listenin', sandals wearin', lentil eatin', soap dodgin', no shavin', single parentin', mid life crisisin', Citroen 2CV6 drivin', one pint and six straws drinkin', rent dodgin', public property wreckin', politically correct embracin', whale savin', loud mouth borin', I'm here 'cos it beats being out there in the real world livin', wimmins group attendin', ethnic and gay rights organisation promotin', peace song chantin'.........f*cking Commie b*stards.
  8. "You have a lot of young, impressionable people in a college and we are asking whether this is the right environment for them to come in and recruit."

    Is it right to brainwash thee "young impressionable people" with your lefty yogurt knitting, beardo sandal wearing pc bullshite

    Educationum is one of the reasons this country is heading the way it is

    Those that can't, teach
  9. I am with you all the way brother!!!!!!! :D
  10. I think we have found our party line lol
  11. Bliar said: Education, Education, Education, and these are the tw*ts delivering it to the youth of this sad country.
  12. Funny, my college and then Uni lecturers were supportive of my aspirations to become an RN Officer (sadly it went tit though).
  13. If she would rather live in a world where no recruiting for HM armed forces occurs, they can go and live in a parrallel dimension where we lost to the germans and she now works as a sex slave to the occupying forces. Or perhaps the universe where she is now the property of that hook handed bloke and is forced to wear the burka.

    the world isn't always a nice place, we NEED people who are prepared to use force on our behalf, to protect us. if they feel they need to criticise the justifications for going into iraq, go ahead, but this is more than that, it is pacifist crap which will never work in the real world.

    arrgghhh...... and relax....

  14. Nothing wrong with whale saving

  15. I'd respect their views more if they offered an alternative than going in the forces .Guess being on the dole makes you dependent on left wing ******* like them .
    Got a beard tick
    spends days hanging round kids tick
    peado nonce BURN THEM :twisted:
    I live too close to paulsgrove :D