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Discussion in 'RLC' started by Airborneloggy, Aug 24, 2008.

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  1. Airborneloggy

    Airborneloggy Swinger

    I have to give a 40min lecture on something of my choice next wk, anyone got any really goods ones i could do?
  2. CH512O

    CH512O LE

    Military or civvy theme?
  3. A_Frayed_Knot

    A_Frayed_Knot Old-Salt

    You are cutting it very fine I would suggest. To stand and lecture for forty minutes takes some doing and fair amount of preparation I would suggest, and you havent even choosen a subject yet. Not a clue what to suggest if honest, perhaps something you know about all ready would be a sensible option. Anyway, hats off to you and best of luck at the lectern.
  4. FinalRV

    FinalRV Clanker

    After reading the tongue in cheek book 'How to survive a Zombie attack'

    I gave a lecture on that. If you give it with complete sincerity its quite amusing. Though a few of the attendees almost thought I was serious.

    I did prepare it about a month in advance.
  5. Airborneloggy

    Airborneloggy Swinger

    Hi thanks for your replys, lecture can be a Mil or Civi theme, but would rather do something civi.
  6. strima

    strima LE

    You're leaving it very late for a 40 minuter!!! As posted above, choose a subject you know well, it may be the most bone one but with a bit of flair and some decent humour etc. you'll pull it off.

    If you hide behind the lectern and speak in monotones, FAIL!!!!!

    Be up front, relaxed posture and scan the audience trying to make quick eye contact. If you know your subject and practise a few times you'll only need bullet points on the back of a fag packet. Don't over use powerpoint, use short videos, make it pleasing to the eye but keep it simple. Flashy presentations are hard to look at if you're trying to absorb info at the same time.

    Be prepared for some in depth answers at the end, if you don't know say so. 'I'll get back to you shortly with the answer' etc.
  7. CH512O

    CH512O LE

    Here is one.."after the Chinese Olympics, can Britain match the expectation in 2012?"

    Trouble is, its hard to drag that out to 3 mins nevermind 40! The conclusion is quite easy....No we cant!"
  8. bigpod

    bigpod LE

  9. Have a look here
    Or get your butler to do it.
  10. strima

    strima LE

    We don't have any 14 year old talented gymnasts!!!
  11. peem

    peem Old-Salt


    Lots of good stuff in here and you can include a short motivational exercise to fill your 40 mins.
    Have a good search round you will find a lot of PPT slides youcan b*stardize
  12. Airborneloggy

    Airborneloggy Swinger

    Thanks for all your help people, please keep the websites coming they are a great help. Many Thanks.
  13. How about this?


    Health safety to stop horseplay in the work place, may seem boring, but take a look I think youll get your point across.
  14. Airborneloggy

    Airborneloggy Swinger

    bitterandtwisted yr link will not work but cheers anyway buddy.
  15. I've got a good one,

    Just pick one and get on with it or it'll be the best subject done shite!