Does anybody know where I can buy this full pan set, ideally somewhere I can use my defence discount card? Xmas present for the other half!
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I got two sets from my mother and mother in law when they were no longer able to lift them. They last more than one life-time.
Good call - we bought a set in Cyprus 20 years ago and use them every day. Great kit though you wouldn't want to drop one on your foot!


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Just need to know where to buy them with my defence discount card
They have them at discount prices in 'Clarks Village' in Street, Somerset. They are still expensive. We have had our set at home over 25 years and no sign of any wear, though used frequently. They are various colours from awful orange to some nice blues, reds and greens etc.
Just need to know where to buy them with my defence discount card
They are not part of any DDS deal that I know of. In addition to the Clarks Village alluded to by m’learned friend, there is an outlet in Swindon if it is of any help?

Once upon a time you could buy them cheaply in an EFI in Bosnia, but I think that you may have missed that bus!
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Shop around a bit if you can. You may be able to get an new ironing board thrown in to make Christmas complete. ;)
if you've a tkmaxx near you they do a lot of le creuset - not usually pans though
I've had lots of bargains from this bunch: https://www.ecookshop.co.uk/ecookshop/ - Christmas before last both sons got a 30cm Le Creuset cast iron casserole (which cost me 'only' £125 each rather than £250). They've made good use of them and even sent me pix thereof!
But be warned; junior son's wife then acquired Le C saucepans from Gum Tree or something and apparently they're a bit like cooking on an Aga; once they're warmed up they don't cool down quickly so difficult to manage sauces etc.
Be warned.After a few years,they do not clean up so well if you use a dishwasher. They lose their coating and they begin to look "grey" on the insides. Stick to hand washing.

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