Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by sappsert87, Feb 7, 2007.

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  1. Iam going 2 leconfield 2moro just looking for any info on the place bout accom food stuff 2 do etc cheers!!
  2. Accomodation is in buildings, food is served in troughs and you can **** yourself stupid(er)
  3. A spendid place IMHO! (or was in my day). It does, however, depend if you are a grown-up. Maybe not so nice if you only have one-foot on the ladder !
  4. One could go to the Silhouette club in Hull and get rogered senseless by the local shirtlifters, or one could make eye contact with anyone in Hull after 20:00hrs in the city centre and be beaten to a bloody pulp. One could take a crash course in spelling? Would that be 2 hard 4 u, or is it 2 L8 already? Cretin.
  5. [​IMG] What about Beverley for nightlife these days? [​IMG]
  6. Last I heard the "Valiant Soldier" had been transformed into a hybrid Irish Jazz Bar, although, I believe that sex with ladies of low moral standards (I think their morals drop further than the Fat Slags knickers) is still readily available. I recall a myth from the 80s, a certain driver trainee type was able to convince a munter to accompany him to the NAAFI with a bag on her head, the degree of truth surrounding this has no provenance, however, IMHO all Beverly woman should under penalty of law be compelled to wear bags on their heads. My mother and sister are from Beverly, so I do not say this lightly!
  7. FYI: Hull smells of rotten fish, whether it be the fishdocks, or the personal hygiene habits of the local vixens, I cannot say, but I am inclined to go along with the latter.
  8. I met Beverly from Beverly on my 21st birthday in the Push = nice girl her first words were "im in the mood for shagging" after her mate said im in the mood for a good drink - at least she had her priorities right! strange place though but thoroughly enjoyed my month there.
  9. be prepared for crusty old fullscrew hitlers with chips on their shoulders, ridiculous curfews, marching everywhere (depending what course you're on), a naafi that transforms into downtown bronx everynight and if you're really lucky you could be beaten until you can't move and gang-raped by some fijian students on you're way home from a pint (as happened a few years back to some young lad).

    Hull's even nicer, with the largest council estate in Europe that borders into the city centre, crack whores on the street and some of the dodgiest pubs i've ever seen. Top tip, go to Parkers nightclub on the outskirts of Beverley, they sometimes run a free bus!!

  10. You've hit the nail on the head there mate. I was there in 2004 doing a hgv course, til I got Rtud'(another story). I was infantry at and had been in the army 4 years.

    The place was a mixture of all sorts, from ill disciplined 17 year old rlc reruits, to every cap badge under the sun doing driving courses of all ranks. The ncos posted there were arse holes..infact the soundest one there was a parachute regt provost sgt...and the civies there are something else..well ********* aswell.

    The thing is, is a training camp so expect bit of bull shit. But Beverley was full of slappers who shouldnt be too hard too pull if you can het out but there is a curfew..(I came rolling in at 6 evey morning) that is meant to be adhered to..my argument was I wasnt in training..luckily the Provost was ok and let me off, but I think the curfew stands for eveyone, regardless of rank due to drink driving rules.