Leconfield Sgts Mess

Discussion in 'RLC' started by TG14, Jan 18, 2011.

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  1. Im posted in shortly and wondered if anyone can tell me how the mess is? Are there many permanent staff living in? Are there many functions? I havent had the pleasure of a return visit since being a crow on my C+E etc. Im presuming the place hasnt changed much and i will need a few beers of an evening to remain sane!
  2. Food shite bar shite staff shite manager shite accom shite mess shite
  3. So, pretty good compared to the rest of the place then
  4. marvellous, i cant wait to arrive then
  5. I had heard that most LIMs are in SSA in Hull, so not all bad then!
  6. yeah id be happy with that, cant say no to a bit of FIA even if it has just gone down!
  7. True PS are in SSSA. Although they are recalling some JNCO's into camp. Mess is shite, a few functions, most not to bad, what I can remember!
  8. I have never had a drama with the mess up there TBH but I havnt been there since it went PAYD so cannot comment on standard of scoff now.