Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by shane_dean, Jan 19, 2008.

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  1. not sure if this is the place for it but im off there on feb 6th for a 3month course just wondered what the place is like? heard the accomodation is old but whats the camp as a whole like and is it easy enough to get to by car?

    thanks in advance
  2. Leconfield is easy to find; it's N of Beverley, Yorkshire on the A164. The camp is an old airbase, is in the middle of nowhere (but good for running etc) and is quite exposed weather-wise. Despite its age, the camp is well appointed with some modern facilities: bar, shops, a bowling alley, cinema? etc. Beverley has always been a relatively good night out. Most of the complaints about Leconfield appear to be centred around lower management issues. The training facilities are impressive; there is a world-class off-road driving course and there is a system of properly marked roads (with traffic lights etc) on the airfield for learners to find their feet before tackling the public roads. I have invariably enjoyed my many visits to Leconfield over the years.
  3. read alot of that thread, sounds brilliant ! :(
  4. Mate, the camp will kill your morale, but Beverley is a good piss up, get your scoff in the Green Dragon, then head for a wander amongst the boozers, and rifle through the women! More than made up for when I did a course there.
  5. If you go to 53°52'36.81"N 0°25'53.07"W on Google Earth you can see the set-up.
  6. Words from someone who trained there 10 years ago...and from what I gather still hasnt changed any...

    1) Keep your gob shut and listen to to the civi instructors.
    2) Dont get pissed during the week you can and will get binned from the course for being drunk in the morning.
    3) Get as far away from the place at the weekends as you can....Leeds isnt far, book into a B&B and check the night life there, its is 10 times better
    4) Dont annoy the Mil instructors and staff there, they hate the place as much as you, only they are there for 4 years or more!
    5) Get in and out as quick as you possibly can!
    6) Go and watch proper rubgy...League, Hull have a good team that are in the Super League, it kills an afternoon

    Good luck, enjoy!!
  7. Cheers for that, that should keep me going weekend piss ups in beverley.

    is it good for running/tabbing around the area ? im taking my bergen up so i can do some tabs before i go to 216 after leccy.

    run charlie, cheers for that i'll check it out now.
  8. pale blue, i am not a rugby fan! im only from nottingham so its only 90mins to 2 hours drive back home for me at weekends - i could drive back and watch nottingham forest, a real football club! plus we have donny away whilst im up there!

    ta for the other pointers took on board, not looking forward to the place now!
  9. As its an old airfield that might give you a hint :D

    The cross country route IIRC is not accessable after working hours.

    Willing to be corrected, as it is 15+ years since I was there.
  10. If you do go running then please wear a hi vis vest, I've lost count of the number of squaddies who have nearly ended up as a hood ornament on my motor
  11. The best advice, I just wish everybody would follow it. Except for number 6, were the first part of number 3 takes precedence (Get as far away from the place at the weekends as you can....)
  12. well, i leave for this dump in about 11 hours!, gunna get my head down will give my opinion of the place as and when....

    ..not really looking forward to it !!!!

    take care
  13. Leconfield is right near where I live. I am only 2 Miles off Beverley town centre. Beverley has always been a good night out, but the local's don't take kindly to 'Squaddies'... I think they tend to get a bit of trouble on night's out.
  14. ive been there 9 days now, and i feel like suicide!!! well not literally but the place is a complete demoraliser it is hard to believe

    march to and from the 'hanger' everyd

    the civvie instructors are ******* idiots, will try everything they can to get you to mouth back - not succeeded with me and wont do no matter how hard they try but they love their 'high ground'

    currently on hazmat, which really is 'death by powerpoint' - complete boring and could be done in 3 days instead of the 'intense 5 days' they keep implying - breaks every 30mins, just get on with it FFS!

    ive been coming home at weekends, never really been one for going home unless i have too for whatever reason, but i have to get away from that hell hole!!

    done beverly the day i got there, a good night out your right they hate squaddies!!!