Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by carpetsfm7sr94champs, Oct 19, 2006.

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  1. Somebody PM me the results, please. Just want to know what outstanding Soldiers were offered the obvious. Preferably In order, i.e. do they have a top spot, looking at the RD side of things who will be the new Corps RSM? So that we can all compare ourselves to him! Must be Drill Qual'd, surely?
    The current is, what i would class as near as perfect as you can get. Hard act to follow one would suggest. No pressure then. Over to you...
  2. If you could extract yurself from the Corps RSMs ringpiece - you may have found out for yourself that the results of the LECB will not be made public until 3 Nov this year - this is due to the whole harmonisation of the MS year thing !
  3. With my time left to do you need all the brownie points you can get! And anyway it's a comfortable place. But thankyou, yosser I did not know that it is not public until the 3 November.
  4. Blimey I have heard of brown nosing before, but this sure beats your day to day brown nosing.
  5. Your comment seems to suggest that drill is the singlemost important attribute required to be CRSM. I'm sure Mr B, the current gentleman, was selected for slightly more complex reasons, perhaps involving personal characteristics.

    Typing under the affluence of incohol again, carpets?