Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by MiracleBill, Oct 14, 2011.

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  1. Congratulations to those who came off!
  2. Not heard anything at all??
  3. I've heard very few were selected. 14 is duty rumour.

    Well done to those who made it.
  4. 14 not very many? What is the normal lately? I know mine was a long time ago but 6 was the norm.
  5. 20+ was usually the norm. It was common knowledge that it would be small this year.
  6. Just heard of 1 RD.....
  7. 22 selected apparently - 7 of 12 RD....the rest Supv!
  8. 5 of 12 YofS successful
  9. If memory serves, not officially published by MCM until November under "harmony" guidelines.
    In the meantime, many congratulations to all successful candidates and I hope you enjoy the next stage of your careers!
  10. Quite correct Slipper, Nov 3rd.
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  11. Correct heard from one of them yesterday. Well done all
  12. 10 RD's were filtered (selected for the week at Blandford), and only 5 selected from that!
  13. Could've been more, if the Corps would just move on some of the relics that are still living in the ******* '80's
  14. But it was acceptable in the 80s. Well that's what Calvin Harris said.

    I'll get my coat....
  15. Showing your age there TK