Lebonon about to kick off?

Now the source isn't the most objective, but the Daily Kos reckons that the

Saudi's, Bahrani's and Kuwaiti's just ordered their nationals out of Lebanon, with the Saudi's saying women and children should be out in 48 hours..

These aren't generic warnings, they are "GET THE HELL OUT!", drop everything and RUN type warnings.

The Saudi GID has definately seen something they don''t like.

And reports have said the US Task Force deploying off of Lebanon is configured for EVACUATIONS, not combat.

Story here

Tin foil or tin hat time?
I understand that post WW I Lebanon was a 'Province ' of Syria.
Ya Know just as Iraq was three provinces of the old Ottoman Empire.

Saudis urged to leave Lebanon

The Saudi Arabian embassy in Beirut has called on its nationals to leave Lebanon a day after a US warship was positioned off the country's coast.
The embassy on Saturday sent SMS messages to Saudis living in Lebanon urging them to leave the country as soon as possible, Al Jazeera's correspondent said.
Saudi Arabia issued an advisory last month urging its citizens not to travel to Lebanon because of deteriorating political and security conditions.
Kuwait and Bahrain followed with similar calls.
Sunni Muslim Saudi Arabia is a major supporter of the Sunni-led government in Lebanon which has been locked in a 15-month-old political standoff with an opposition led by Iranian-and-Syrian backed Hezbollah.

'Conflict' fear

Fouad Siniora, the Lebanese prime minister, has denied asking the US to deploy the warship USS Cole and two support ships amid the country's continuing political deadlock.
Siniora reportedly summoned the US ambassador on Friday for an explanation.
Siniora said: "We did not request any warships from any party."
He also stressed the importance of Lebanon's independence and sovereignty "so that it will not become an arena for the conflicts of regional and international powers".
Siniora said there are no warships in Lebanese territorial waters, except Lebanon's small navy - made up of patrol boats - and the 12 warships belonging to a UN peacekeeping force.
how long untill a declaration of 'national emergency'?
slimjim said:
Why do the yanks have to get their finger in the pie?

You know this will not end well when this administation gets involved.

Say bye to hope Lebanon. Say bye.

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