Lebedev buys the Independent

So, 'The Evening Standard' now nick-named: Pravda, what shall we call the never was 'Independent'?

Any MI6 guys or gals tried to buy a newspaper in Russia recently?

Thought not!
If he'd bought it on Sunday it would have cost him £1.80 so good timing there then!
£1, Bargain, but who reads it??


Book Reviewer
"Another ***oligarch*** (No, he's not a proxy operating on behalf of the Russian Government, just like his fellow Oligarchs, honest!) buys means of controlling international state propaganda" shocker. Who would have thunk it?
Manley said:
£1, Bargain, but who reads it??
I do. When I've got the time. Seems to me all newspapers have their slant. Take your pick of the owners. As for a future swing to the right for the Indie - nope, think there's still room on the left.

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