Hezbollah and the Israelis appear to be about to kick off again. Over the last couple of weeks the Israelis have launched drone attacks against targets in Syria and Beirut. Two Hezbollah members were killed in Syria. Today Hezbollah retaliated with a missile attack on an Israeli vehicle and a military base.
I’m there. Supposed to be visiting the ‘Blue Line’ minefields tomorrow. Now we’re stuck in a hotel 100km away watching it on Lebanese TV news. Hopefully it calms down as Lebanon still hasn’t tidied up from the 2006 inconvenience, and is currently also hosting 2m+ refugees from Syria.
Looks like putting a tax on the mobile apps like Whats App has proved a step too far

Kept off the MSM by Brexit, Trump, Syria and all the other stuff going on no doubt, interesting times we live in



Israelis shells fired into IRISHBATT AO
Wont be the first time, were they deliberately targeted or was Dame Shirley Porter finally fed up with Labour and Brexit?

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