Lebanon - Shin Bet have been leaving packages in S.Beirut

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by bigeye, Aug 15, 2013.

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  2. You're about a month too late.

  3. Nothing in the article really suggests it actually was the Shabak. In fighting isn't uncommon among Arab militant groups etc. Plus Hezbollah are involved in the conflict within Syria which would make it a target for other groups.

    Plus the Shabak's remit is only usually within Israel and the Palestinian territories.
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  4. Nice knowing you Big eye. You know what Shin Bet do to grasses.
  5. My money would still be on other groups of Islamist militants or as you say, Christian militants et al.

    By the way.... That van that keeps passing your house...... I'd start running.

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  6. I was relieved it wasn't you that copped it yesterday - have you now developed a survivor's death wish?

    P.S No disrespect intended.
  7. Running towards it. I could handle being Extraordinarily renditioned back to the company Red Sea beach house by these birds:
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  8. Ta. I've been on stand by - so the closest I've been to death has been being bored to it....
  9. Yes.... That would definitely be a worthwhile ordeal. Especially the..... Interrogation.

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  10. I am an international man of mystery but, Eh?
  11. BFO car bombs is more of an AQ tactic. If the Jews want things to go bang, there's lots of F16's in the arsenal, and not a lot to stop them.
  12. The Sky cameraman who was killed in Egypt. Bigeye is the same line of work.
  13. Nothing subtle when זרוע האוויר והחלל loiter with targets painted.
    Head of US air force visits Israel in secret | The Times of Israel
  14. Sometimes I suspect that several Arab terrorist organisations should be glad that Israel have never owned the B-52.